Friday, August 31, 2012

Unplanned Free Time

I thought Barley and I were going to have to stick to our neighborhood this morning.  I was supposed to have a late morning meeting and then my cousin's scheduled to arrive early this afternoon, so I didn't think adventuring was going to fit in.

But as I drank my morning coffee and caught up on e-mails, I learned that the meeting had been canceled and I officially had an extra 2 hours added back into my life.

Bar and I still stuck close to home, but we took our favorite 1.5-mile stroll at the state park: next to the woods, by the marina, and by the lodge with a quick little romp on the beach.

The morning was perfect for walking.  Mid-70s and blue skies as far as the eye could see.  It's clear that fall's on its way.  The big grassy things that I have no name for, but love are changing from gold to a gorgeous maroon.
What is this stuff called?  I love it.
Just a few weeks ago, the whole field (is it called a field when it's by a lake?) of these things was gold and it looked liked they were sparkling when they moved in the wind.  They're equally pretty with their fall colors.

We also saw an awesome bird--my sister used to call them marshmallow birds (because we used to see them in the marsh)--so maybe it was an egret?
Of course, since we were sticking close to home, I didn't bother to bring a camera along and had to use my phone camera (which stinks and has a worthless zoom), so my pictures aren't really good enough to compare with a bird book.

Bar and I pulled off the trail for a quick water break.  It was a really pretty little ledge that I've always thought looked neat, but never bothered to stop at before.  
It was so peaceful listening to the waves crashing on the shore below and watching our pretty white bird.  

We stopped on a little beach so Bar could splash and cool off, but she was scared of the waves today and wouldn't even put her toes in.

So we headed out just in time to watch a sail boat go by.
It was the perfect way to unwind after the first week back at work.  I feel like my mind's clear and besides needing to get some dishes done, I'm officially ready for company this weekend.

Soth's already in long-weekend mode.

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