Sunday, September 23, 2012

Rain Rain Go Away

Today was our TDI test.  I was worried because I'd had a long meeting on Friday and then it rained all day yesterday, so we had limited time to practice over the last couple days.  I was afraid Bar would have too much energy after being inside all day yesterday to heel nicely and we hadn't had a chance to practice walking over food for a couple days.  Things were not looking good.

I knew it was supposed to rain this morning, so I set the alarm for 6:00.  The test was supposed to start at 9:00, so I figured waking up at 6 would give us time to wake up with some coffee, go for a walk if it wasn't raining, and do a few focus exercises before getting in the car.  

It wasn't raining and said it was supposed to be cloudy with no showers until 2:00 (LIARS). So, I drank some coffee, we walked around the block, and we did the old treats on the paws game.  Bar was focused and I had hope for our test.

When we got to the test, our old Obedience Foundations 2 & 3 trainer was there to test us and said we could go right away at 9:30.  Since we had 30 minutes to go, I we warmed up with some heeling and sit-stays.  I tried to get Bar to down, but she wouldn't do it--even with a treat lure.  We can't use treats on the test, so I knew we were in trouble.  No matter how hard I tried, she would not down in the wet grass.  

So, to make a long story short, Barley did everything beautifully--weaving through a crowd with walkers and canes, approaching someone in a wheelchair to be pet, walking over a plate of shredded chicken--EXCEPT for the down on command.  

The one thing Bar has been able to do since the day I got her was the one thing she refused to do for the test.

While I was battling with Bar to get her to down, it started pouring down rain--and then I had to go crouch between cars in the parking lot while she stayed under the covered tent for supervised separation--so now we're both soaked and cold.  After I get a few papers graded, I think we're going to curl up under some blankets and nap for a bit.

My little wet dog.
Even though we didn't pass, I'm still really proud of my girl.  She did all of the things I was worried about so well.  Our training center is giving the test on October 20, so we'll sign up and try again then--and until then we're going to be practicing downs a lot more often than usual.


  1. It looks like overall she did super! She looks so sad and pathetic in that picture :-( It makes me wanna cuddle that baby girl! (once she's dry..)

    1. Haha, she did do super! So when we retest in October, we'll feel more confident--especially since it's inside and the ground will be dry :) Silly little dog. And shortly after that picture, I wrapped her up in a beach towel and she looked less pathetic--you should have seen her while I was making her sit and stay in the rain!