Friday, October 19, 2012

1 Day to Test Day!

Last night, Barley and I took a much needed break from work (for me!) and training (for her) to have a little fun with our friends.  

This has been a rough month of grading and other stress (and how is it possible that there are still 12 days left in it?!).  Last weekend, I graded so many papers that my hand was inflamed and swollen and I couldn't hold a pen anymore by Tuesday afternoon (which I decided was a good enough reason to not grade anymore this week), so we needed a night off of everything serious.

We went to my friend Abby's house for a girls night (plus her two boy dogs) with Abby and my friend Laurie that involved Chinese, cupcakes, and pumpkin carving (oh my!).

Part of my birthday present from my best friend was Crate & Barrel devil's food cupcakes with orange cream cheese frosting and halloween cupcake papers, so the girls and I decided our pumpkin carving party was the perfect occasion to make them.  (And they were delicious!)

We also carved really awesome pumpkins--although we felt a little inferior in our carving skills because we've all been watching too many episodes of Food Network Challenge lately and have seen the work of the professional carvers . . . ours are a little rougher around the edges (literally).

Abby's skeleton, Laurie's bat, and my raven :)
Crux was very impressed by his mama's work 
Soth loves family photo time
Barley got to spend the evening stealing pumpkin guts (she also ate part of the lid to my poor pumpkin on the ride home!) and romping with her BFF Paradox--neither one of them held still long enough to get a picture during the carving party.

We both slept beautifully until 9:30 this morning (with the exception of Soth's morning wake up call at 6:30 that got him kicked out of the bedroom).  Since we were both recharged, I figured we should start our morning with a walk down to the park to practice heeling and stays and recalls; we even got a bonus lesson in downs on wet grass--if only we'd had that practice a month ago ;)
Sitting in heel position--she's focused on something (but it's not me!)
Heeling so beautifully.
You want me to do what?!
That's right, I wanted her to stay down in the wet grass and leaves. Doesn't she look happy about it?

Look at the crazy face I get to see during recall!  She's running like the wind :)
Yup, I made her down in the grass again! And she's still grinning.
But there's a bigger grin when I let her sit in it instead. 
Just a little proof that the ground was wet.
Our test appointment is at 2:15 tomorrow afternoon!  Keep your fingers crossed for us!

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  1. I love how she runs back to you after having to wait around for what I'm sure feels like forever! Your pumpkins look great! Yay fall!