Saturday, October 13, 2012

One Week 'til Test Day

Tests always seem to sneak up on us.  I had grand plans to practice several times a day every day between our last test and this one, but then last weekend rolled around and I realized that we had 2 weeks until our test and we'd done very little practicing besides our regular heeling and leave it on walks (and of course practicing stay during our extensive scarecrow photoshoot at the Arboretum last week).

This week, we've been better.  Barley's really making progress walking over food on the floor--although she's still a little more interested in it than I'd like, so hopefully over the next few days we'll work on that.  We started on Monday using half of the worst PB sandwich ever (I have got to remember that even though reduced fat peanut butter is healthier it also tastes like paste and is not a satisfactory lunch).  Luckily, Barley doesn't mind pasty PB, so I figured the half of the sandwich I couldn't gag down would be the perfect temptation.  So, I made a circle of toys, a rawhide, and the terrible sandwich and we got to work.  The first few times around were rough.  She was straining to get to that sandwich and the rawhide even when she was on the outside while we looped around.  She grabbed the sandwich on our first loop with her on the inside, but dropped it when I said leave it for the 5th time--and it survived without a bite being taken out of it.  After that, something clicked and we walked right over the sandwich and the rawhide multiple times without incident.

We've also successfully walked over cat food and a bowl of dog treats this week.  This morning we used the plastic container that the apple dumplings I bought at the grocery store came in (curse Giant Eagle for putting out wonderful fall snacks that I have no will power to avoid).  She really wanted the yummy, gooey, cinnamony goodness in the bottom of the container, but she decided she wanted to listen to my commands more and did a great job.

Today we walked down the street to the park to practice some sit stays and down stays.  There was a lot of traffic going by this morning, but Bar did well even with the added distractions.

This is boring! Give me something more challenging! 

Laying down on crunchy leaves is almost as bad as doing it in wet grass.
So, it looks like we stand a chance of passing this time around.  As long as there aren't pumpkin pancakes to walk over on the test!
Please share pancakes with me!
Seasonal pancake recipe from my sister and seasonal coffee mug from my BFF! Yay fall!

The only other obstacle is going to be getting out from under the covers to keep practicing for the rest of the week.  It's gotten cold here!  According to, it was 45 degrees, but felt like 38 when we started our walk this morning--my ears are still not all the way warm!
Barley trying to snuggle on the forbidden couch.  She was kicked off as soon as the picture was taken.
Insisting that I share my blanket with her.
And just because I couldn't go a whole post without mentioning my handsome man cat, here's a picture of my sweet boy looking slimmer than before.

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  1. Hahaha, I love pictures of dogs yawning. Yay Bar for doing so well! I think when she passes her tests she deserves a snuggle on the couch :-)