Wednesday, December 12, 2012

I ❤ My Dog

I love my pets.  I really do.

Anyone who comes into my office can tell I'm a little obsessed.  I have an "I love my dog" collage on my bulletin board (which also contains many pictures of my little man cat).

There are a few family pictures in the top right, a few NYer cartoons, my syllabi and assignment sheets, and the rest is pets.
I also have several picture frames on my shelves (and more on my desk) that have pictures of my pets.
There are equal numbers of family pictures and pet pictures on my shelves.
I genuinely enjoy spending time with my pets (except when I'm cleaning up cat pee).  Walking with Barley is my favorite part of the day.  Without Barley, I never would have discovered so many cool places.  Without Barley, I would literally hibernate from October until May, with the exception of going to work; I'd stay on the couch in sweat pants or under a blanket (have I mentioned that this southern-born girl hates cold?).  And Soth, when he's not destroying things out of hunger or peeing on things, makes me laugh countless times a day (and he's the BEST napping buddying).

Ok, so they are both good napping buddies.
Yesterday, I was at lunch with a few co-workers and one of them mentioned that she was considering getting a dog for her husband for Christmas because he loves them even though she's more of a cat person.  We were telling her that the right dog would probably grow on her.  My friend, who I walk with regularly, mentioned that she couldn't mention her life without her dogs.  When I said I could, she looked at me like I had just admitted to some horrendous crime.  All I said was, "Sometimes, I think my life would be easier without pets."  I didn't say better.  I didn't say I wanted it to be a life without pets.  My life without pets would suck (Cue Kelly Clarkson's "My Life Would Suck Without You").

But honestly, in some regards, life would be easier without my pets.  My carpets would be cleaner.  I wouldn't have to detour by my parents' to drop pets off if I wanted to visit my sister for a long weekend (or impose on my parents by dropping the pets off).  I wouldn't have to rush home, spending more time in the car than at home, at lunch on days I have to stay at work late.  I would have SIGNIFICANTLY more money without all of the vet bills, treats, pee cleaners, toys, training classes.  Having a pet is work.  Having a pet means making sacrifices, and they are worth it.  But I recognize that I sometimes I have to make choices between going on trips and being a responsible pet owner, buying an iPad and paying vet bills, having a normal and relatively calm day at work and having to rush home at lunch.  I don't regret the decision to have pets.  I love them and want them, but I think anyone who has pets and can't admit that they don't make life more complicated is in some serious denial.

When my friend looked at me that way, I felt like one of those working mothers that write books on the work-family balance and talk about the way non-working mothers look at them when they say they enjoy work.  Maybe a book on the pet-life balance will be my break through book (and my key to getting on Dancing with the Stars?).

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  1. Ahhh I totally get you! I love my pup to pieces, but you're right life would be SO MUCH EASIER. It would also be a whole lot lonelier. It's hard to imagine life without them!