Tuesday, December 11, 2012

My Cat From Hell (or a post where I say pee a lot)

I am so very tired of cleaning up cat pee.

Jackson Galaxy from Animal Planet's My Cat From Hell says that cats are not spiteful pee-ers.  I say he hasn't met my cat.  I know that part of Soth's pee problem is his FLUTD; there's enough evidence of crystals and blood to convince me that he is sick.   But you can't watch him and tell me that he isn't also peeing out of spite.
Tell me this isn't the face of a spiteful pee-er.
When that cat is hungry and I don't feed him quickly enough, he pees.  And not just in his litter box.  Yesterday, I found a secret pee lair under my desk (which I don't actually use--laptops are made for couches, right?).  He had knocked several old receipts and a pair of sunglasses off the desk who knows how long ago and has been peeing on them under the desk for what appears to be a very long time.  He's also taken a liking to peeing on my printer (let's hope Santa comes through with a wireless printer that can be shut in the closet! otherwise, that will be my first purchase of 2013!).  So, I have been unable to print things for months.  He doesn't just pee on the top of it; he squats right over the paper feed, so it's gotten all up in the printer.  His favorite spot when he's hungry, though, is to pee on the mail or other important papers.  Yesterday, I caught him squatting over a pile of mail on MY DINING ROOM TABLE!  Luckily, I chased him away and into his box before anything happened.  And I'll be honest, sometimes bills make me really cranky, too, but that's no excuse for peeing on them, right?

I love my little cat.  I mean, who wouldn't love this face?
He can be the sweetest little pet in the world, but he's exhausting.  I know this crystal-pee life isn't all rainbows and sunshine for him, either, which just makes me feel worse.  It's hard not to be mad when your printer is no longer functional, but it's also hard to be mad when I know he's in pain.

After we get back from our holiday travels (for some reason, he does less spiteful peeing at my parents' house), I think we'll make another vet appointment.  Our wonderful vet, who puts up with all of my hypochondria and all of our real issues, suggested considering culturing his urine to make sure there's not some sort of infection going on.  Since his vomiting has gotten better and he's been maintaining a healthy weight, I thought we should put it off.  He seemed like he was doing better; then this month I have done nothing but follow him around with the pee cleaner again.  Plus, I hate needles and culturing his urine requires a sterile sample--and the only way to get that is to insert a needle directly into his bladder, so it just makes me a little nervous to do something that awful to my baby boy cat.  

So, we'll have a nice Christmas and he can play with his new toys (even though I already broke down and gave him one!), and then we'll ring in the new year with a visit to the vet.
A little hand-knit Spider-Man toy
Cuddling with Spidey--again, tell me this isn't the face of a spiteful pee-er.
What the heck is this?! We were at the mercy of the company as to which toys we got; this one goes to my parents' cat for Christmas.


  1. Poor Bun! I hope he feels better! He looks so sweet in some of those pictures :-)

    1. Which pictures are you looking at?! I can see one where he looks sweet ;)