Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Liebster Award--yay!

So, my sister did a post on the Liebster Award at her blog, Lindsey Likes to Run, and gave me a little blog love at the end, so I guess I should continue the trend. My understanding is that this is a way to get the word out about awesome blogs without a lot of followers--and since all of the blogs I follow are awesome, it seemed like a good idea to me. Linds posted the following guidelines from one of the blog's she followed, so I'm also going to continue the copy and pasting trend:

Liebster is German for “dearest” and this award it given to fellow bloggers with less than 200 followers as a way to spread the “new blogger” love! The guidelines are that you must:
1. Write 11 random facts about yourself;
2. Answer the 11 questions set forth by the nominator(s); and
3. Write 11 new questions for 11 new nominees!

11 Facts
1.  A big part of the reason I'm doing this is because it reminds me of those lame MySpace questionnaires that used to ask like 100 questions or have you put your iTunes library on shuffle and write down the first however many songs came on to see which songs went with which events in your life; even after getting rid of MySpace, my sister and I loved the iTunes ones so much that we did them and only sent them to each other--sorry for outing you, Linds!
2.  I love birds. Wild birds, pet birds, decorative birds, birds in poems, birds on jewelry, birds on dishes. I love them all.
3.  10 years ago, I picked out a car because my best friend had told me girls couldn't drive manuals. My dad had to drive the car home from the dealership, but I've been driving stick ever since we got Abby the Cavy home.
4.  The only recurring dream I've ever had was about my first dog, Possum, being trapped in a swimming pool full of sharks.
5.  I'm terrified of alligators.
6.  Part of the reason I'm named Elizabeth is because of Beth in Little Women.
7.  Speaking of things I'm terrified of and Little Women, I'm terrified of frozen bodies of water (lakes, rivers, ponds). I guess I will never get over the scene when Amy falls through the ice chasing after Jo and Laurie.
8.  I think everyone should be in love with Ted Kooser.
9.  Once, I gave up meat for Lent, but I was going through BBQ withdrawals, so I ate BBQ sauce and white bread sandwiches.
10.  When I was little, I had Pound Puppy and Pound Purry sheets on my bed and I wouldn't take a nap until all of my puppies and purries were arranged on their matching pictures on the sheets; then I'd wiggle in around them (this was good practice for snuggling with Barley and Soth, apparently).
11.  I am obsessed with Dogfish Head beers (Barley has a Dogfish logo collar!) and am on a mission to try all of their beers. I finally found my holy grail, Bitches Brew, and will be celebrating surviving the first two weeks of the semester by drinking it this week!

11 Questions from Lindsey
1.  What food can you not live without? If condiments count, I guess I already answered this one. The world is a better place because of BBQ sauce.
2.  Where is your favorite place to exercise? The Holden Arboretum
3.  If you could have any pet, what would it be? I've got all of the pets I need, but one day I'd love to start out with a border collie mix puppy and see just how far we can go with training if we start as early as possible.
4.  Favorite music to get you pumped? Most anything by female country singers; nothing gets me motivated like belting out some Reba or Trisha, but new country's good, too--I'm loving Miranda Lambert's "Mama's Broken Heart" right now.
5.  What's one weird food you've always wanted to try? Maybe this isn't that weird for anyone else, but the next food experiment I'm doing is brussels sprouts! Stay tuned for an update on whether they are eaten by me or Barley in the near future.
6.  What did you want to be when you were little? I've pretty much wanted to do it all for my entire life, but I think the earliest memory is a writer-photographer-editor-marine biologist so that I could work for National Geographic and they wouldn't need to hire anyone else in order for my stories to be perfectly polished.
7.  What is one thing you NEED for a workout? Barley--the only workouts I have every been able to stick with are our walks and hikes; without her, I have no will power to not nap with Soth in the sunshine.
8.  What is your favorite color to wear? Purple; it's probably my least favorite color, but I look damn good in it.
9.  What is your favorite pair of shoes? My Merrell's. They might not be the most attractive shoes, but they are so comfortable and I feel really stable and secure even when the areas Barley and I are venturing into are a little bit less than stable and secure.
10.  What is your go to meal? BBQ sauce on whatever protein I have in the house, usually pork chops.
11.  What is your typical Starbucks order? If it's below 50 degrees, a grande peppermint mocha; if it's between 50 and 80 degrees or if it's warmer and I'm in desperate need of a caffeine boost, a grande mocha; if it's above 80 degrees, a venti iced passion tea (sweetened)

11 Questions for the Bloggers I think are Award-Worthy
1.  What is your favorite book ever?
2.  If you could pick any one city to live in for the rest of your life, where would it be and why?
3.  If you could pick any job besides the one you have now, what would it be?
4.  What's your favorite vegetable?
5.  What's your biggest pet peeve?
6.  Are leggings pants?
7.  Do you own a snuggie?
8.  What are your favorite burger toppings?
9.  What's the best thing you've ever eaten?
10.  What's your favorite animal?
11.  What's one tv show or movie that you are embarrassed to admit that you love and watch regularly? 

And the Bloggers I think are Awesome
So, I don't actually follow 11 different blogs (who has time for reading blogs, grading papers, and living with a border collie?!), but here--in no particular order--are the super smart people that make me wish I had more time for reading blogs:
Rhetoric | Play | Composition
The Daily Pugle
The Most Special Things
True Images
and after outing her in my #1 Random thing, it seems wrong to leave Lindsey Likes To Run off the list, even though she's already done all of this on her blog--so go read about her adventures in running and pretend that you've been working out, too :)

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  1. Haha it's ok that you called me know I have no shame. Plus that's pretty much the reason that I played along, too!! I loved reading all your answers! We should find another survey to do soon....