Saturday, February 2, 2013

Brain Freeze

Even though it was cold and snowy again today, I decided to man up and take Barley for a walk this morning since the temperature was still in the double digits and the feels-like temp was at least on the positive side of the thermometer.   My new coffee pot with a stainless steel thermal carafe helped me make that decision, too, because I knew that the coffee I had left would still be piping hot by the time we got back in.

Apparently this was the day for everyone to be out.  Our apartment manager was out cleaning her car off and we had to stop for a minute to chat (it is really hard to be friendly when your nose is freezing off).  Then the old man who has a crush on me was also getting into his car and wanted to stop and talk.  I let Barley get away with not heeling so that it would look like she was dragging me away and would make me seem less rude when I didn't stop to talk to him, too.

Then our walk got off to a normal start for the first quarter of a mile.  There were few cars out and about because the roads were not very clear and once we left our complex there were very few people around.  Until we turned onto the third street of our walk . . .

We rounded the corner and I heard a whistle and looked to see where it had come from.  There are several dogs that live at that corner and I was afraid that one of them was charging in our direction.  Instead, to my surprise and horror, was a person in a snowman costume!  It was barreling through one of the yards across the street.  I quickly looked away and Barley and I picked up the pace.  When we got to the end of the street, my original plan was to turn around, but a quick glance over my shoulder showed me that Frosty was right where we would be walking.  So we added another block to our neighborhood loop.

Of course, Frosty had taken the same loop, but in the reverse direction, so we ended up having to cross paths after all.  Barley had no idea what to make of Frosty.  She started to pull me in the direction of Frosty and was wagging her tail like crazy with her ears perked up.  Then she'd dodge to the side and duck behind me. Luckily, we passed the snowman without incident.

Here's a picture from the Star Beacon, our local newspaper, website from last year's Winterfest.  This year's costume was a little different, but you'll get the idea.
Since I was still bundled up several hours later and Barley still had plenty of energy, we went on another short walk this evening.  It was much less eventful although there were two other people out walking their dogs.  Barley did well with passing in relatively close proximity to one of them and hardly paid any attention to the barking bulldog that was across the street from us.  Success!

We also saw these little wooden snowman decorations on the light poles that we had missed in our excitement over seeing a moving snowman earlier in the day, which reminded me that today was our town's Winterfest. (I told you my town was like Star's Hollow in Gilmore Girls.)  With a little research after our walk, I discovered that Frosty was actually Lake Effect Louie and was probably off to go line up for the parade that started about the time we got home from our walk.

New Year's Resolution Progress: 3.5 miles down, 41 miles to go.  This is totally doable, right?


  1. You got this!

    I love this story. I'm glad it was only Lake Effect Louie and not a crazy person (or a real snowman!!)! :-)

  2. Hilarious what a sight! Marley would have cowered if he had seen that, when we had snow here briefly a couple of weeks ago the snowmen frightened him half to death!!!