Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Post-anethesia picture of Soth to prove he's alive and well before I go on and on about how bad today was.
I had a plan for today.  The plan was to wake up, get ready for work like usual, take Soth to the vet (we decided start with the less invasive procedure and flush his bladder out), and then since I'd be out of the house earlier than usual I planned to drop by the post office to mail my best friend a "puppy shower" package for the new puppy he brings home in 3 weeks.  On the way to work, I was going to swing by McDonald's and get a southern style chicken biscuit for breakfast and still get to work early enough to finish up some grading before my first class.  After work, I was going to swing by the store to get bread and milk, then walk my dog, and then go pick up my sweet kitty with his newly flushed bladder.

The plan fell apart.  Every last part of it, except for the waking up an hour earlier than usual, getting Soth to the vet, and walking Barley.

I left the vet, feeling really good about the care my little love was going to get because everyone at the vet's office loves my pets almost as much as I do.  I got stopped by a train on the way to the post office, but I had plenty of time for that kind of delay.  Then, I got to the post office at 8:22 to find that the post office didn't open until 8:30.  Kink in the plan #1.

I'm not good at sitting still in the car when I'm not going anywhere, so I decided to just rearrange that to be part off my after-work errands.   I went to McDonald's and knew that my chicken biscuit would make life right because, after all, I'd been craving it for days.   I pull up to the drive-thru speaker and notice there are no southern style chicken biscuits on the menu.  I ask about them just to be sure.  Kink in the plan #2. I ordered two bacon biscuits that had so little bacon in them that they just tasted like plain old biscuits.

I did finish grading, but barely because someone stopped by my office to chat for 20 minutes because she noticed that I was in earlier than usual.  Kink in the plan #3.

I went to teach my first class, which went well; they're one of my favorite groups of students because they are excited and they participate.  But I got back in my office to discover Kink in the plan #4.  The vet called to tell me they were done with the procedure, Soth was waking up just fine, but that the procedure hadn't gone as planned and to call her when I had a chance because they wanted to see if they could send some cells to be tested for malignancy.

Soth with two of my childhood stuffed cats
I am not a cat person.  I have always been a dog person, probably because that's what I grew up with; I had pound purries when I was little and loved my Marshmallow and Marmalade, my white and orange pound purries, but I was always satisfied with a dog.  My grandma had a cat, so I still got a kitten fix when he was a baby and once he was grown up and cranky I had more confirmation that I preferred dogs.  But when my friends went off on fun new adventures and I was left in New Mexico, 2000 miles from my family, I needed a pet and a cat seemed like the easiest thing to convince my "no pets" landlord to let me have.  From the moment I saw my little cat, I fell in love with him and I have been crazy about my cat every since.  During some awards show, the songwriter (I think) for Crazy Heart (I think) thanked his wife in his acceptance speech (normally I don't pay attention to these things, but since he was from New Mexico, I listened for a minute) and he told her that he "loved her more than rainbows."  I thought that was such a beautiful idea that I have told Soth I love him more than rainbows every day when I leave for work and every night before we go to sleep ever since then.  Nobody else, not even Barley, gets told that.  (Barley does get told that I love her more than zombies love brains, so don't feel like she's getting left out or anything.)  So, that was not the voicemail I wanted to come back to after a good class.

Soth in the meet-and-greet room on adoption day!
I am a hypochondriac.  So, when I listened to a voicemail telling me things hadn't gone as well as hoped, I freaked out.  But since I still had to be at work for a few more hours, I tried to be calm and called the vet back.  Kink in the plan #5.  She was in surgery and had to call me back.  What was supposed to be 20 minutes of waiting turned into an hour, in which time I drank enough coffee that I really needed to run down the hall to the bathroom but was certain that she'd call the second I left my office and imagined 1000 different awful things she wanted to tell me about my baby boy.

Another of my favorite Sothy pictures.
My most favorite Soth picture.
When our vet called back, she told me that the catheter was put in place just fine, but that when she went to flush the bladder the bladder wouldn't distend.  The point of this procedure was to flush his baldder with a lot of saline and then pull the saline back out to try to get out whatever grit, crystals, etc. had built up in there.  They were going to also have some stuff in there that would coat the bladder lining and help with inflammation.  Then hopefully his problems would be solved.  But since NOTHING is ever easy with my pets, that wasn't in the cards for us today.  The vet was supposed to be able to put 10-15cc of saline solution into his bladder, but Soth's bladder was so tiny and so hardened that she could only get 3cc in before it wouldn't expand anymore.  The solution she did get in and then remove again was full of blood.  So, she got some cells out of the bladder and we're sending them off to be cultured to make sure there isn't a malignancy aka the c word that I can't bring myself to say.  Our other option was to schedule an ultrasound at the sister vet's office to see if we could see a tumor in there, but if we had found something we'd need to get a cell sample anyway, so I figured why not skip that step for now.  Another possibility is that his bladder has built up like a scar tissue because of the irritation and that's why it's so hard and not stretchy.  So, after today, the problems aren't gone and we still don't have any answers.  Results should be back from the lab before the end of the week.  So, please, send prayers, good vibes, good-health-for-cats dances, or whatever else you might believe in out into the universe for my little kitten caboodle because I need him to be ok.


  1. All of the above being sent his way! <3

    1. Thanks, Sissy! Knowing that his Aunt L is doing a cat dance for him will surely help him feel 100% in no time :)

  2. Ah Beth poor you, I just hate days like that! Poor Soth I'm sure it will all be fine but will keep my fingers and everything else crossed too. I love that saying "I love you more than rainbows" it's so lovely! I have always been a cat person first, I find that although they don't have the loyalty that dogs have, they are unconditionally loving and always know when you are sad! Having said that since having Marley I love him as much as the three cats I have, so feel very loved on a daily basis! Good luck Soth xx

    1. Thank you! We will take a much finger, toe, etc. crossing as we can get! He's definitely not as outspoken about his love as Barley is, but Soth is definitely a mama's boy! As soon as the lights go out, he curls up on my feet every night (but he refuses to snuggle if he thinks I can see him doing it!). I'm still not really a cat person, but I am most definitely a crazy cat lady when it comes to my cat. Isn't it funny how the right animal can steal your heart?