Saturday, March 2, 2013

We Did It!

We did not fail at keeping our New Year's Resolution the very first opportunity that we had to fail!  In order to meet our goal of walking more than we had in the previous month, we had to walk a minimum of 44.3 miles in February.  I was concerned that we wouldn't make it because February was stinkin' cold!  Luckily, it wasn't too cold, too icy, or too nasty to walk almost every day.
We got 46.66 miles in!  So, our new goal for March is 47 miles.  We got off to a good start with 5.7 miles in the first two days of the month!

Barley's crazy faces.
The last two days of walking have been an adventure.  Barley's been on edge for the last couple days because they've been doing all kinds of improvements/fixes to our apartment complex.  On Thursday, they started cutting dead limbs from the trees in our complex, so there were chain saws and wood chippers galore.  They continued this process on Friday, so we couldn't see the work being done from our windows, but we could definitely hear it all day--that made Barley a little jumpy.  Then, when we went out for our first walk on Friday to escape the noise for a bit, Roto-Rooter was out snaking out our sewage pipes--according to the last newsletter, someone has been flushing diapers, food, and other things that should never go in a toilet down the toilet, causing lots of back up in the pipes.  So, there was all kinds of equipment out adding additional noise to the mix.

Our first walk of the day was uneventful, but Barley lost her mind on our second one.  When we were turning back into the complex, there was an ADORABLE little puppy--I have no idea what kind, but I wanted to snuggle with it!  The puppy was so, so good.  It sat down next to its owner and was quiet and perfect.  Barley, on the other hand, was naughty.  She lunged, she growled, she barked, she jumped.  Then I got in line of sight so she couldn't see the puppy, and she was jerking around so much that in the process I stepped on her toe and made her squeal.  Then she sat down and got refocused on me and we made it back to our front door.  We were far away from the puppy--nowhere close to being able to reach it--but it was still embarrassing.  When we were out walking today, the girl with the puppy came out of her building, saw us in the distance walking back to the parking lot, and she turned and ran back inside.  Oops.  Guess we won't become best friends with that neighbor.

Barley was a totally different dog on today's walk.  After we saw the puppy retreat back inside, there was a dachshund in a sweater outside barking it's head off, but Barley didn't bat an eyelash.  She heeled beautifully all the way past it (and we could have actually reached out and touched this dog, we were so close) back to our front door.  She might be schizophrenic.  But, I guess, as long as she always love me and her brother then we can deal with multiple personalities!

I'm hoping that now that March is here, maybe we'll have more beautiful days and get some more good walks in, see all the neighborhood dogs that have been hibernating all winter (and then practice not reacting to them), and hopefully have a dry backyard so we can take our training practice outside and I can have my dining room back instead of having my indoor agility gym.  Once we can start practicing outside again, we're going to start resuming our therapy dog training so that we can test again this summer and be totally prepared.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed those days come really soon, but I took today's light dusting of snow as a good excuse for extra snuggle time with my pets between grading sessions.  We got lots of napping and play time in today, and I think we're all feeling more rested and happier after today.  Soth's having another outbreak of his FLUTD, so we've been dealing with blood and crankiness the last couple days.  Hopefully, it's the normal FLUTD cycle and clears up after a few days.  At least, we have his appointment for vaccinations on March 13, so if it doesn't clear up soon, we'll already be seeing the vet soon and can add it to our list of questions and concerns.
These are Barley's tracks from our last outing in the snow.  How many legs does my dog actually have??
My little lovely just hopped up for some more snuggle time, so I guess my ramblings are over.  Hope everyone's March if off to a beautiful start!


  1. Haha I want to see that dachshund in a sweater! I'm glad she was good to him. Must have known he might be next of kin to Maddux. I love the film strip of Bar Bar. You would never think she'd go honey badger on ya. Congrats on doing so well with your resolution! I'm excited for the longer, warmer days, too. They can not come soon enough!

  2. It's really sunny over here today although still a bit chilly, but it does make you feel like spring is on it's way! Here's hoping!!!