Saturday, March 23, 2013

Welcome Spring?

It doesn't seem possible that just two weeks ago we had temperatures in the 60s and sunshine for several days in a row.

Last weekend, the snow came back.  It just won't stay away.
This might be pretty--if it wasn't mid-March!
I tried to be positive about the snow.  It was the kind that settles on the trees and just stays there and we hadn't had that all winter (even if it was the right kind of snow, it was too windy to stay on trees until last weekend!) and I think it's the prettiest.

So, Barley an I took the camera and walked down to the park at the end of the street to romp in the snow and get a few pictures of the snow on the trees.  But I think even my little snow dog is tired of the snow.

She didn't have her usual spring in her step and instead of prancing through the snow, she sort of trudged through it and stopped every so often to stare at me.  We didn't walk for long.

On Sunday, I met up with my parents to go to the maple syrup festivities in PA near my great aunt's house.  By the end of the day, I was in a sugar coma after eating maple sugar sourdough pretzels, maple hot chocolate, maple walnut ice cream, maple brownies, and several other maple snacks throughout the day.
Aunt Timmy, Dad, and I are excited about maple hot chocolate
The festival was fun, but it was cold and muddy and by the end of the weekend I was over winter.

This week has been more cold and more snow, so Barley and I haven't had many adventures.  We even took off 3 days from walking this week and watched movies in bed and snacked on popcorn instead.  (Today, my jeans are telling me that was not a good idea.)

Despite taking off three days this week, we're only 2 miles from our goal this month and we still have 8 days left in the month!

Even though today was cold, we had to get at least 2 miles in--we're going to a friend's house for dinner tonight and their house is the complete opposite of my cluttered life, so I need to make sure this dog wasn't her normal wild self before we invade their lives (I keep telling myself that they wouldn't invite her to come, too, if they didn't love her craziness, though).

Fingers crossed that those nice 60+ degree days come back soon so I don't need as much motivation to get out of the door for walks!


  1. Haha, poor Bar :( You guys did a great job with your monthly goal though! I wish I could have eaten maple goodness with you guys!!

  2. I feel your pain, we too have had snow this weekend and to say I am fed up with it is an understatement! This time last year we had 70 degree heat and now we are -1 if we're lucky!!!!!!!!!!!