Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Butter, 3 Musketeers, and Agility Fun

Last week was spring break, so I got to take a break from thinking about students and planning lessons (and don't get me wrong, I love my job, but I think my students and I are both just burnt out at this point--but we only have to make it through 4.5 more weeks!).

I wish I could say I was well rested and relaxed after the week off, but it was an eventful, exhausting break.  Here's a quick break down of how it went.

Monday: We had week 6 of agility class, which means that we had a sample course to run.  For whatever reason, Barley was crazy.  Every jump she'd run away from me.  She was better at recall this week and did come back when I called, but she just would not focus doing the course.  By the end of the class, most of the dogs had caught her crazy.  I was tempted to burst into song and sing some Miranda Lambert: Go and hide your crazy, and start acting like a lady.  I waited to belt it out until we got in the car.

Tuesday: This was the most laid-back, relaxing day of the break.  I ran errands and bought my long-needed pet hair vacuum.  It works miracles.  I just wanted to roll around on the floor it was so clean.  Luckily, I realized that if I rolled on the floor then the pets would roll with me and undo all of my vacuuming, so I refrained.  I also took some pizza over to some friends' house.  They just had a second baby a month ago, and I hadn't met her yet; she's adorable and perfect and her big sister is such a cool kid--she's almost 3, but she talks like a little adult and we put together puzzles and listened to the Beauty and the Beast soundtrack.  Then it was child bed time, so I went home and enjoyed my clean floors more :)
Check out the sister presents I ordered from Etsy for the girls. I'm so in love with these owl dolls!
Wednesday: After some more cleaning, I loaded the pets into the car and headed to my parents' house for the rest of the break.  Soth yowled the whole ride and I didn't bring my ipod, so I couldn't play Carbon Leaf for him--luckily, the xm prime country station played Reba's "Does He Love You?" and after I belted that out he quieted down for a few minutes.  The real fun of break started shortly after I got to my parents.  Mom decided to bake some cookies, so she set some butter out on the counter to soften.  We didn't think twice.  Barley is rarely a counter-surfer, especially when people are around.  When she does get into things, it's when she's unsupervised (and she makes sure to make those moments count).  Some how, though, even though we were in the living room watching tv--and the house has an open floor plan, so we could see the counter clearly from the couch--she stole the butter right off the stove.  Mom was wandering around like she was confused, looking in the cabinet the cookbooks are in, looking in the fridge and asked if we had actually seen her take butter out to soften.  It took me .2 seconds to realized what had happened to the butter.  Mom walked into the dining rom to see Barley licking her chops--the whole stick of butter, wrapper and all, was gone.  

We figured that my dog with the stomach of steel would be just fine--after all, sugar-free gum and Aleve didn't take her down.  So, we went about the day, took the dogs on two walks, and laughed about Barley channeling Paula Deen.  Then I went up to bed early to read for a few minutes and fell asleep around 10.  At 11:30, I was so fast asleep and peaceful.  Then Barley jumped out of bed and I thought she was going to chase my parents' cat, so I yelled for her to come back.  I noticed that my socks felt damp, but I thought maybe I was just cold and tried to go back to sleep, but then I realized that the sheets were also wet.  Barley had wet the bed!  So, I jumped out of bed, pulled the sheets off, and rushed her outside.  She took care of her business, and I thought it was safe to go back in.  I was going to put clean sheets on the bed, but then noticed the mattress was also wet, so I was thinking of plan B when Barley threw up.  It was the grossest thing I've ever seen.  WARNING: Do NOT read the next sentence if you have a weak stomach! There was a pile of melted butter in the middle of the pile of half-digested dog food and the smell was one of the worst things I've ever smelled (there was no butter wrapper, though...).  I gagged. I was paralyzed.  My bed was wet.  The carpet had a brown, soupy, buttery pile in the middle of the room.  I did the one thing I did not want to do.  I went and got my mom. She helped take care of the awful mess while I took Barley back out for a while to make sure she was done with that nonsense.  She slept in the crate the rest of the night, and I slept in my sister's room while the newly cleaned mattress dried.

Thursday: I was sure Thursday couldn't get worse.  I was wrong.  Barley found miniature, strawberry-flavored 3 Musketeers bars in my brother's room.  She ate several of them wrapper and all, but we didn't know that she had actually eaten any because my brother walked in and just saw her with her nose in the container, but not actually with any in her mouth.  We went about our day again.  Then at 3:30 a.m. things went downhill. Barley hopped out of bed and again, I thought she was going to chase the cat.  Instead, she threw up a candy wrapper.  I took her outside.  When we came back in, she ran straight for her crate, so I closed her in while I went to clean up the mess and decided to let her stay there.  Finally, I curled up in bed.  No sooner had I pulled the covers up to my chin, I heard her throwing up again.  By the time I got downstairs, there were 3 more puddles in the crate with three more candy wrappers.  We went outside again.  She threw up a total of 7 times during the night.  It was a long, long night.

Friday: Mom and I got a little shopping in.  That was fun.  Then my brother's sweet girlfriend came for Easter weekend.  Then my sister came home a day earlier than planned.  Barley and I also got a little agility practice in.  I set up the tunnel and a pin wheel jump pattern in the yard (we only have 2 jumps, so we made a ghetto jump with empty kitty litter pails and a mop).  My brother recorded it for us--she did it really well several times, but never the times that we had the camera going.  In this one, she decided to run away--she came back when I called, but the video cuts out before that.

Saturday: Saturday was a fun day.  We took the dogs for a hike in a nearby park and got to get lost in the woods for a little while.  It was actually warm enough for Barley to splash a little in the stream.  
Dad and Maz, Linds and Maddux, and me and Bar near the stream.
Sisters and our pups!
Then we went to one of my favorite brewery/restaurants for lunch and came home and showed my nephew pup how to jump.  We made one of the jumps low enough for his little legs to go over so he could run through the tunnel and then go over one jump.  As the video shows, Barley had no idea what to think about such a short jump.  It threw us off our game, and again none of our recorded runs are good, but thanks to my sister's commentary, this one is especially funny.

Since we'd all stuffed ourselves at lunch, we skipped dinner and colored eggs instead.

Sunday:  Easter is always nice, but since I had to be back at work on Monday and didn't accomplish ANYTHING work-wise over the break, I needed to get home and get work done.  Regardless of not getting home until 8 p.m., the day was still nice.  I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.
Mom made bunny cinnamon rolls.
Sisters with our baby boys.
We tried so hard to get a good pictures with the pups, but this was as good as it got.
There weren't blooming tulips outside, so we had to settle for the wall hanging.
Mom used the awesome Nancy Drew material we found a couple months ago to make us  these awesome quilts for our Easter baskets!  (Look at my nephew creeping in the background!)
Today's sweet Sothy's birthday--he's 5 today!  We've celebrated with two new catnip-filled toys and lots of extra treats.

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Easter and is having nice spring weather than we are.  It was 50 a couple days over the weekend, but it's back to the 30s again now.  

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  1. Break was so much fun! I'm glad we got to play! I'm also glad that Barley was over her grossness by the time I got there and was able to perform amazing jumps :)