Friday, April 26, 2013

Resolution Scramble

April has been a stinky month for reaching our resolution goals.  Between me having the plague and the never-ending cold, wet weather, we missed 6 days of walking; with Spring Break (which meant extra time for walking) in March, we set a tough goal to beat with that combination of problems: we had to walk 58.7 miles in April!

Even the days that we were able to walk, we only got in short walks on several of those days.  Either due to my inability to breathe or a hectic schedule (the last three Thursdays, I've had to go back to work--and Billy Collins!--so I was only home for 2 hours during the afternoon), we were struggling to meet our goal.

At the beginning of this week, we were at 35.39 miles for the month!  With only 10 days to get 23.31 miles in, and more cold, wet weather in the forecast, I was worried that we wouldn't meet our goal for the first time this year.  Luckily, Mother Nature gave us a couple days we could squeeze in 3+ mile walks and after two walks totally 6.5 miles today, we are right on track to meet our goal.  After today, we're at 52.43 miles with 4 days left to walk, so I think we are going to make it.

Sweet girl with crazy ears at the end of today's walk #2!
We got lots of good opportunities to practice "What's that?" on our walk today since there were lots of dogs out enjoying the sunshine (but none off-leash--yay!), so hopefully tomorrow's class will teach us all kinds of fun new tools.  Then we'll head out for an adventure somewhere since it's supposed to be even warmer and sunny again tomorrow!  Keep your fingers crossed that we can walk a little over 6 miles in four days!


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    1. Thanks for having faith in us! We made it with 1.4 miles to spare!