Friday, April 5, 2013

You Are My Sunshine

Yesterday, it was 50 degrees and sunny.  It was lovely.  (Or at least, the loveliest it's been in a while.) When I said goodbye to a co-worker, I told her that I was going home to walk the dog and she said, "Oh, you'll walk in this weather?  It's too cold."  I almost fell over.  Thinking about all of the days Barley and I have walked in 15-degree weather, yesterday was a dream.  With a sweater and a light jacket, I was perfectly comfortable on our walk yesterday afternoon.

So, even though today was a little chillier at 40 degrees, the sun was still shining brightly, so Barley and I hopped in the car for a trip to the Arboretum.  I didn't plan well, and thought that a fleece pullover would be enough of an extra layer for warmth, so we took a lap around Blueberry Pond where it was nice and sunny before going into the woods so that we could get warmed up a bit.
I love red-winged blackbirds.

Luckily, there still aren't leaves on the trees, so the woods weren't too cold.  The biggest problem we had was mud, so we had to do a little off-trailing to get around a few really muddy spots.

Probably my new favorite Barley picture
We had a really relaxing walk for the most part, but Barley got possessed by a crazy monster towards the end of the adventure.  We hopped across the stream and she was so, so good.  The first time we crossed the stream, it wasn't too bad because we were at a spot with big, flat, dry rocks that were easy to hop across.  But, when it was time to hop back across to go back to the car, I forgot which trail has the easy to hop across spots and took the trail that has tiny rocks that are not big enough to stick out of the water very far and they take you right to a stair case, so you have to hop from a rock to a stair.  I don't mind that in the summer when the water is warm (and when it's usually really dry so there's just a trickle of water in the stream anyway), but I did not want to slip into the stream when it was so cold.  So, Barley was perfect and sat and stayed on the big rock while I got across to the stairs and then I called her to heel and we went up the stairs.

Crazy face
The craziness started when we got to the top of the stairs.  We stepped off the stairs and onto the path and Barley crouched and darted behind me and then in front of me, and then herded me and two small trees so that her leash was wrapped around me and the trees.  Then she just sat there with this maniacal grin on her face and her ears pinned back like she was the proudest dog in the world.  I untangled the leash and she darted behind me to try it again, so I had to tackle her!  She's such a nut.  But we had to get that crazy out because the super long stair case that made my legs hate me last time was the next point on the trail and we were not attempting that as long as she was going nuts.  Spending time in the sunshine with my pup made today the perfect day; she's such a happy dog that her excitement is infectious.

Her sleepiness is also infectious.  My pretty pup has been worn out for the rest of the day, so I've taken that as an opportunity to be lazy and snuggle with her/catch up on tv shows online and accomplish absolutely nothing productive for the rest of the day.  Hope everyone had some sun to enjoy today, too!

I'll be ending my evening with a Barley-inspired beer :)

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