Thursday, May 16, 2013


After getting two more notes from my creepy neighbor last week that made it very clear that he watches my comings and goings closely, I finally reported him to apartment management.  The apartment manager spoke to him, so hopefully I'll never come home to another note on my door again.  I feel really relieved that I won't have to spend all summer in hiding.  But until the dusts settles, we're trying to avoid neighborhood walks for a few days.

Luckily for us, today was another gorgeous day for a walk at the State Park.  We went a little earlier than usual, so we only saw about 3 other people on the trail.  The first girl we saw was walking a German Shepherd, and she was great about keeping him away from Barley, but she threw me off when she asked, "Is she nice?"  Usually, people ask if she's friendly and I can honestly say no, but it caught me off guard when she said nice--I think my dog is exceptionally nice . . . as long as you're not another dog.  I swear, Barley gave me a look when I said "No."  So I quickly threw in, "She's a little unsure around other dogs" over my shoulder--I'm sure the girl thinks I'm a lunatic.

Since the beach was completely empty and we wouldn't disturb sunbathers, we went down to play in the water.  I could try to describe how much fun Barley had splashing in the waves, but a giving you billion pictures is probably easier.


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  1. Haha! Love the photo shoot! And she is nice :) We had to practice saying "No, you cannot pet my dog!" last night in class so that we would get used to being mean. They didn't realize they are dealing with the Queen of Mean ;-)