Thursday, June 27, 2013

Those Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days of Summer

The last several weeks haven't actually been lazy or too hazy, but they have definitely been crazy.  I am sitting here tonight feeling completely overwhelmed by the fact that I have absolutely nothing I have to do this weekend.  For the last four weekends, I have either been out of town, preparing for company, or both.  It's been exciting and fun and exhausting, so here are the highlights.

Father's Day weekend, my dad and Maz came up to go to a beer festival at the Cellar Rats Brewery.  9 local breweries were there, so I got Dad tickets for his present.  We got 12 tasting tickets, 2 food tickets, and a sample glass.  I wimped out after using 8 of my sample tickets (apparently stuffing myself with nachos at a late lunch when Dad got to town didn't leave enough room for beer!), but we got to sample some really good beers and some interesting beers.  I'm also more convinced that I need to marry a brewer.  Craft beer guys are cute.  My favorite beer was the Thirsty Dog Citra Dog IPA, so I can't wait until I can find it in the store--as soon as I have my Citra Dog label, I'll start my dog beer art.
Tasting glass and beer art supplies!
The next day, I took Dad and Maz to stroll on the Lucky Stone Loop.  We had a great 4+ mile walk and then came home to get an Old Mill Winery wine burger before Dad and Maz hit the road.  We had a really nice time and the dogs were well behaved minus Maz's decision to open the treat drawer and pull out three partially used bags of treats, shred the bags, and eat all of the treats.  I couldn't even be mad at her because opening the treat drawer without the use of hands takes some real skill :)

Then on Monday, my grandpa and one of my aunts from Denver stopped to spend the night on their trip from Grandpa's high school reunion in Wisconsin to my baby cousin's high school graduation in eastern Pennsylvania.  It was a short visit--they didn't get to town until after Barley and I had left for agility class, so by the time I got home from class they were pretty tired from their drive, but it was nice to get to chat for a couple hours.

Soth made sure the bed was nice and comfy for Grandpa.
Then my aunt and Grandpa were stopping at my parents' house on Saturday to spend the night, so the pets and I packed up to spend some more time with them.  Since I hadn't seen Grandpa since I left New Mexico 3 years ago, I thought I should spend as much time with him as possible while he was this close.
My sister and nephew pup came to visit, too!
The last time I saw Grandpa was on our trip to Roswell!
We did the usual week six course last Monday, and as usual, it was an adventure.  Things started off on a rough note.  There was a new dog, who showed up for the first time in week 5, that we didn't know--and who is also a yorkie, so it's Barley's nemesis by default.  I had put our chair in the back of the room, far away from the other dog.  The yorkie's old man owner just couldn't resist strolling over to see why we were sitting away from everyone else.  When I said Barley was nervous around other dogs, he said, "There's not much to be afraid of with this little guy" and tried to stick his dog in Barley's face.  He looked really hurt as he slinked back to his seat, but I'm trying to embrace the whole "being a bitch for my dog" idea.  I think the reason we have so much trouble during week 6 is because we spend so much energy staying focused and controlled while we wait for our turn that she's brain dead by the time it's time to run a course and just can't follow commands anymore.  The most entertaining moment of the evening came when Barley became a skateboarding dog.  A rolling cart was siting behind the tunnel and Barley skipped the tunnel, jumped on the cart, and rolled across the room.  The whole class was in stitches.

Some time in the recent past, two white ducks started living in the neighborhood pond behind my parents' house.  They wandered up onto the driveway and we bonded.  My dad, my sister's boyfriend, and I got bread and feed them.  When we ran out, the ducks just let us pet them.  I haven't felt that kind of just pure joy in ages.  We giggled and smiled and I loved every single second of it.  They were so cute.

My loves!
According to my sister, they came back after I went home to play cornhole with the family :)

Soth has been extra cute lately.  I'll just let you see for yourself.
Enjoying his new new fishy bed! So cute. 
Helping me sew.  Sound asleep. 
No words necessary.
The family took a trail walk on Sunday and my poor puppers got stung by a wasp!  We stopped at a bench off the trail so she could have a drink of water and while I was pouring in the water, she sniffed a wasps' nest.  She made a noise I had never heard before and leapt back from me.  Dad checked out her nose and mouth and we couldn't find any place where she had been stung.  Luckily, her face didn't swell up and she hasn't had any other problems, but I felt terrible!

On Monday morning, my mom, my sister and her boyfriend, and I took the three dogs to the trail for a walk before it was time to pack up and head home.  As we were walking from the car to the trail, a little dog walked by.  Barley started off doing really well, but the dog didn't pass us quickly enough and Barley lost her focus.  My legs took quite a beating and I have three big black and blue spots on my right leg and another one on my left leg.  I keep telling myself I'd rather take a beating from my dog than let another dog feel her wrath.
Luckily, it's been raining cats and dogs, so I've had a good excuse to wear jeans to work instead of dresses.

Over the last two days, we've gotten more than 2 inches of rain.  The lights have flickered multiple times.  My backyard has turned into a swamp again.  This morning, there was a torrential downpour when I took Barley out.  For the amount of time it took to coerce her out into the yard, I should have just brought my shampoo and conditioner out into the yard because we were drenched by the time we came in.

I've also had the joy of having the bed all to myself because my poor puppy has been terrified and curled up under the bed every night.
Scared puppy.
I think I might be investing in a Thundershirt tomorrow.  I got a coupon in my email, so I figure it can't hurt to try it.  I'm sure we'll have more thunderstorms in the near future and we have fireworks to look forward to next year, so if it ends up not working, I can always return it, right?

Somehow, my summer is halfway over and I'm not sure how that happened.  My summer class is 3/5 of the way done.  This might be my only free weekend for the rest of the summer between trips to Mom and Dad's, a possible trip to Denver to see my grandma who couldn't travel here, a visit from my sister, and a visit to my sister's.  Any suggestions for how I should spend this glorious, free weekend are welcome!

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  1. I'm so glad I got to see you! Can't wait to visit you in a couple of weeks! :)