Saturday, December 7, 2013

Walkin' in a Winter Wonderland

Snow should be in my DNA. My dad grew up in PA and my mom spent most of her childhood years in CO, so loving snow should come naturally to me. But spending the first 11 years of my life on an island off the coast of southern GA seems to have tampered with my wiring in that regard.

Snow and I were never friends.

When I was little--maybe 6--it snowed one winter. Since we never ever got cold weather, I didn't have snow boots. I had to wear plastic grocery bags over my shoes to play outside. Even at a young age, I found that humiliating. Snow and I got off on the wrong foot.

Then it snowed my freshman year of college.  17 inches. I didn't own a coat. My roommate and I didn't leave our dorm room for two days and survived on Campbell's soup out of the microwave. When my friends and I finally decided to venture out and get winter weather wear, we didn't have ice scrapers for our car and used sticks to try to clear the snow off our cars.

Then one day, my view on snow changed.  I brought Barley home in January, but there was no snow on the ground. It took a few weeks before I found out that I had brought a snow-loving monster into my home.

When the flakes did start to fall, I realized that my dog loves snow. She rolls in it. She buries her face in it like an ostrich. She bounds through the drifts. She'd stay out in the snow all day if I'd let her.

While snow still isn't my favorite kind of weather, I do love to see my dog having fun in the snow. I no longer hide from it and I even go out into the snow to play with my pup.

In our almost three years together, we have spent a lot of time visiting the Holden Arboretum, but we'd never seen it in the snow before. I don't go out in serious snow unless I have to--mostly because since I never got taught how to drive in the snow, Carrie Underwood has me convinced that the second a snowflake hits the air, I need to break out with "Jesus Take the Wheel"--so every time it's snowed, I've opted to not go to the arboretum, and by the time the next weekend's rolled around, the snow has always been melted.

It snowed a little last night, and the weather was good today, so I decided we needed a pre-finals grading adventure. My girl loved it even more than she usually does (and she loves the arboretum a lot).

We took our time strolling through the woods and watching the black squirrels play. The trails weren't covered in a thick layer of snow, so it wasn't a tough walk. In fact, it was perfect. It was the crunchy kind of snow that makes awesome noise when you walk.

We also saw a hawk of some sort. I only saw a quick glimpse of it through the trees, but it talked to us for a while (and I was glad Barley was big enough to not be taken away by it because as much as I love the scene with the eagle from The Proposal I really didn't want to throw my phone at a bird to get my dog back). Barley was very intrigued by the conversation the bird was having.

When we got back to the car after our 3-mile stroll, my car let us know just how cold it was outside! So I decided it was a good excuse to use the $1-off Starbucks coupon I had for a peppermint mocha to warm up.

22 degrees! Brrr!
The arboretum was just as wonderful in the cold and snow as it is in the spring, summer, and fall. Hope everyone else is enjoying the cold as much as we did today!


  1. Great pictures! I love seeing that Barley dog smile! You can have the snow we're getting....I think Maddux is perfectly content to curl up with me on the couch :) I used my dollar off a peppermint mocha yesterday, too! It's like we were together! (almost).

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