Monday, January 6, 2014

3 Years!

On Friday, Barley and I celebrated 3 years together, so I postponed our return north so she didn't have to spend her adoption day in the car. In honor of spending 3 years with my Barley girl, I thought it was the perfect time to celebrate the 3 things I love most about my pup.

1. Her love of the snow. As I've mentioned before, snow has never really been my thing. But Barley's love of the snow has made me appreciate it up close and personal instead of through the windows from the warmth of my couch.
When cold, snowy days could easily tempt me to spend all day snuggled in bed with a book, Barley gets me out into the world and brings me so much laughter and joy that I forget how much I dislike snow.

2. Her willingness to get up and go. I have always been happiest when I'm busy, but I also really, really love routine. Barley also does well with a routine, but she's always ready for adventure. Pretty much, she could be singing this fabulous 90s song originally performed by the Poky Little Puppy every time we leave the house.

She pushes me to the edge of my comfort zone. When we go adventuring, I have fun. If there's something I want to see that happens to be a little off the trail, we off road a little bit. Without Barley, I never would have visited most of our favorite places at all (and I probably would haven't gone back to the Arboretum after the Gnome and Garden exhibit left).

3. Her ears. I almost didn't get my Barley girl because she had ridiculously small ears. When she has them back, she looks like she doesn't have ears at all. But her ears change all the time. Sometimes they're off to the side and I call them her Dobby ears because they make her look like Dobby from Harry Potter.
Dobby ears!
Other times, they are perky and stand straight up. My favorite is when they blow in the wind and the tips of them just sort of wave to the world.

Barley is not the dog I thought I was getting and she has shaken up my life in so many different ways.  She's not an easy dog to love. But as our song says, "I don't want easy, I want crazy" and I've certainly got crazy.

So happy belated adoption day, my Barley girl! I hope we can celebrate many, many more together.

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  1. Happy adoption day!!! Also, nice Get Up and Go throwback.