Friday, January 31, 2014

FitDog Friday: We Got Out of the House!

On Monday and Tuesday, the windchill was so bad that our campus closed. I don't need any hands to count the number of times that has happened in the four years I've lived here, so I knew it must be really cold. Any doubts I had were gone when told me that it would feel like -24 degrees on Tuesday morning. I took advantage of extra snuggle time with the pets and didn't abandon my fleece jammies or my coffee cup until late in the day both days.

Today, the temperatures finally made it into the high 30s, so I packed up our little backpack and Barley and I hopped in the car for another snowy adventure at the Arboretum.

I had one happy girl. She knows the way to the Arboretum and she starts dancing in the backseat as soon as we take the exit off I-90. The closer we get, the more excited she gets. She was so excited today that she didn't know which way to turn first when we got out of the car and just kind of spun in a circle in the parking lot for a few seconds before I picked a path.

In December, we went on our first snowy trip to the Arboretum. On that trip, the trails just had a little bit of snow--that was not the case today and I think my legs are going to look really great are going to be really sore tomorrow. It's amazing how quickly you get out of shape--our little .5-mile trots down to the end of the street and back have been doing nothing for keeping me in shape, and trudging through several inches of snow with hills added in was not an easy task today. I looked at my Garmin at one point, sure that we had walked at least a mile, only to find that we hadn't even gone 3/4 of a mile yet!
We always stop at the pond by past the crabapple collection. The left is what it looked like in December and the right is what it looked like today--you can't see our bench or the pond!
Barley was not struggling to dash through the snow. In fact, she was angry I was holding her back.
I had planned on getting in a good trek at the Arboretum, but I just couldn't do it. My ankles, knees, glutes, quads, and muscles I don't even have names for were yelling the whole time, so after we'd hit 1.5 miles I figured it was ok to head back to the car.

On the way home, I realized we had to pass Lakeshore Reservation, which we hadn't visited lately. I've been dying to see the lake up close after admiring the ice on my drive to work. Since it's supposed to be 40 and rainy tomorrow (figures that our warmest day this year has a 100% chance of rain, huh?), I decided this might be our only chance to see the icy lake for a while and we made another stop.

Lakeshore Reservation is nice because it's relatively flat--in fact, if there's any incline at all, I didn't notice it--and there's a big stretch of beach. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the trails had been cleared, so we had an excellent spot to add an easy couple miles to our day.

I think I like the weird sculpture garden better in the snow.
Lake Erie is out there somewhere.
She hasn't looked this happy in weeks!

Where is the lake??
Lakeshore Reservation has two staircases down to the beach and usually we walk from one to the other and then do a couple loops on the paved trails above the beach, but today that was not an option. We couldn't go too far out from the staircase because we couldn't tell where the beach ended and the lake began and I've been traumatized by the scene in Little Women where Amy falls through the river while skating, so I wasn't interested in finding out where the lake started. When we tried to stick close to the other side of the beach, we slipped all over the place. There were even a couple places where the snow was so deep it came up to Barley's chest, so we went back up the stairs and stuck to the pavement.

My girl has been worn out since we got home. She apparently worked up an appetite, too, because as soon as we walked in the door she started running back and forth to her dish--three hours before her normal dinner time. I caved after an hour and a half of that and gave her dinner, so we might be having a late night snack of popcorn this evening!

Surprisingly, even though we missed 10 days this month (what?!), we still walked 5 more miles this month than we did last January. That kind of blows my mind--it's crazy how quickly my definition of a "good" walk changed from our mile a day strolls last January to our almost 3 miles a day in December. I've felt like such a sloth this month, but compared to last year we're doing great!

Hope everyone else got a break from the bitter cold and could enjoy some outdoor time with your pups!


  1. Finally outdoors and fresh (and cold) air!

    Its nice to read about your progress too! Great job keeping track and recognizing your achievements, even if the weather has made it more difficult lately to get out and go.


    1. I was beginning to think we would never get out and get fresh air again! It was so nice to be able to get out of the house every single day this weekend--and wear the pup out a bit before the next round of cold comes in tomorrow night.

  2. Yay for the great outdoors! Bar Bar looks so happy!

    1. She was insanely happy! And I was happy when we got home and I could get some work done without having to get up and see what she was getting into every 2 minutes :)

  3. Looks like a great walk! We're lucky it usually doesn't get too cold in Atlanta, but we did get our chance to play in the snow this week! Love your photos!
    Diane and Rocco

    1. I hope you enjoyed playing in the snow! Hope you've stayed warm and safe in Atlanta--it looks like it's been a little scary there!

  4. Oooo I never met my sapien's last pup. He was a border collie too. Oh how much fun we would have had together. In the mean time, you will have to be my bud Barley!