Friday, March 28, 2014

FitDog (and Cat!) Friday: Spring Break

I'm happy to report that the stress of the last two weeks is 100% gone. The English Festival went off without a hitch and I've spent the entire week snuggling with my pets and reading.

Even though spring is officially here, we haven't had the pleasant weather I was hoping for this week, so we upped our mileage a little bit and got in 17 miles this week--but they were cold, dreary miles.

We did get one day at the state park. Bar thoroughly enjoyed being out of our neighborhood, except for the fact that there were several big birds circling the marina and my big bad dog is afraid of birds.

Heaven forbid birds fly in the sky.
She was not pleased I made her stop near the birds.
There was still a little bit of ice on the lake, but there were starting to be a few clear spots. Barley didn't mind the ducks on the lake too much.

Somebody thinks birds belong in the water not the sky. And I thought border collies were supposed to be smart.
I'm hoping that the weather reports for Sunday are correct and that it will be in the 40s and sunny. If so, we'll add a few more miles to our spring break and go somewhere we haven't been in a while after our noseworks class.

We've been having a lot of fun continuing our practice with noseworks. The video below is from a couple weeks ago, but we haven't had significant changes this week. The biggest changes are adding in some non-box objects--chairs, slippers, toys--and Barley's been loving it! As you can see in the video, she's super excited about playing the game (so excited that she runs into the lamp I have a decorative bell hanging off of--so there is nothing being broken despite the noise in the video!). She's started using her nose more than in the video. 

I think noseworks is really helping her out in the real world. Instead of constantly watching what's around her, she's more relaxed on our walks. I think she's starting to use her nose to view the world more than her eyes--and I guess things that might look scary might not smell quite as terrible.

The big news for the week is that sweet Soth went in for a teeth cleaning on Wednesday. I was so nervous. Dental work is not anything pets of my childhood got--but I'm a sucker for creepy pictures of diseased gums (blame my own perfect dental hygiene and the horrifying anti-tobacco pamphlets they handed out in the elementary school DARE program)--so when our vet told me that Soth was getting a lot of buildup on his back teeth and that there was a dental cleaning special through the month of March, I got him an appointment.

I hated sending my boy away for the day, but he came back with some pearly whites (which he will not let me photograph!). Barley missed her brother terribly. As soon as Soth got home, Barley ran over to him with one of her toys.

Then she stood in solidarity with him as he begged for food (no food for 2 hours after getting home while the anesthesia wore off more).

Then I found them all snuggled up in my spare bedroom together. (Ignore the dog bed on the bed--I had vacuumed while Soth was out of the house and never got around to putting it back on the floor.)

My poor little guy has a shaved spot on his leg from his IV. But it seems to bother me more than it bothers him.

This seriously breaks my heart.
Besides the bald spot, he seems to be just fine even though he's currently boycotting the wet food he's supposed to have for his FLUTD. He's still eating the dry food, so I think he's just bored with the wet food. I stocked up on a variety of different brands and flavors today, so hopefully we can get through this little hunger strike soon.


  1. I'm a big wreck whenever Nailah has to go under anesthesia. I call my Vet about 3 times to see if she's woken up yet. I think it's only natural for us to worry about them, they are our fur babies after all! :)

    1. My vet offered to text me when he woke up! So I checked my phone a thousand times during the morning even though I hadn't left it for second, but as soon as the text came through I could relax and quit my stress cleaning ;)

    2. That's so awesome! :) I should ask my Vet to do the same! XD

  2. Anesthesia is no fun...scary prospect to put our pets under. Good nose work by Barley. My guys love it too and it's such a good mental exercise as well as physical. Thanks for joining the Hop.

    1. Barley loves anything where she gets snacks, so even though she has to work a little bit harder to find them with noseworks, she thinks it's a blast!

  3. Great job on the nose work, Barley! Soth looks so cute. Glad everything went well.
    Diane and Rocco

    1. Thanks! Soth is definitely the photogenic one in the family ;) It definitely bothered me a lot more than it bothered him!