Friday, March 21, 2014

Not So FitDog Friday

Last week, I shared my mini melt down: over my car, over my work stress, over life in general. This week, I'm happy to report that we survived it all. The car is back with a new clutch, a patched tire, and, hopefully, the will to survive the rest of our life together.

While the beginning of the week didn't do anything to alleviate my work stress (and honestly, any time you have a huge event with 300 kids coming to it that you do most of prep work--scheduling, registration packets, room assignments, purchase orders, volunteer coordination--for by yourself, there's bound to be a fair amount of stress), today went off without a hitch! I had to get to campus by 7:15, so my alarm went off at 5:30. Yippee skippy! Somehow, I managed not to hit snooze more than once and I made it out the door (with my coffee thermos this time!) with no troubles even though the sun wasn't even up yet!

The pets shared my excitement over getting out of bed so early.
There was not a single major problem this year (unlike last year when a late-winter snow storm kept one of my presenters from getting to the event and I had to reschedule 60 kids at the last minute) and very few minor problems--mostly things that were not really problems at all. As someone who's not really a kid person, I always worry about how things will go when that many kids invade my campus at once, but every year I'm pleasantly surprised by how polite and appreciative the kids are.

Unfortunately, with all of the extra hours of work (and the extra time I had to spend picking up my car and then getting my tire patched) and another cold, wet day yesterday, Barley and I did not get to spend nearly as much time walking and playing as I would have liked.  We only got a little over 13 miles in this week (and that seems even less impressive since my sister ran that much in one day!). Once again, we had a Sunday off of noseworks class because our training center was holding a trial of some sort (and I'm not complaining--it was my one day I could not set an alarm!).  We have been having fun on our own with our boxes and can't wait to take it up to the next level this weekend!

Pup was a dream dog in agility on Tuesday, though. She was a responsive dog--our trainer even commented that she was acting like a "normal" dog. It might not seem like it, but it was definitely a big compliment!  

Even though we haven't had as much activity as usual this week, Barley still thinks this week kind of rocks because she got her first Bark Box this week!
Clearly, she's learned to be enthusiastic about sticking her head into boxes!
She was so excited, I couldn't get her to sit still long enough to take a non-blurry picture with her loot.

Barley thinks the yogurt and banana Twistix are the best thing ever. 

Since she got more exciting mail than I did this week, I don't feel too bad about the fact that we didn't get as much walking in as usual.  Hopefully now that I'm on spring break for the next week, we'll be able to take some fun adventures (especially on Wednesday while my sweet Bunny cat is getting his teeth cleaned and I'll need a distraction while he's under anesthesia!) to make up for lost time.

Happy beginning of spring!


  1. 13 miles during a cold, dreary, insanely busy week is a big accomplishment!! I am proud to have made the blog though ;-) I love that Barley was called a normal dog! Probably a first and last! (just kidding!) Bark Boxes are so much fun! I seriously wish that I could justify spending money to keep a subscription. Maybe if I become a failed foster....

    1. Well, running 13 miles in one day is a big accomplishment, too, so you totally deserved a shoutout! And you are probably not wrong that Barley may never be called a normal dog again, but I suppose that is why we love her :)

  2. Glad your event went off smoothly - things like that add so much stress to your life. 13 miles is better than 3 miles so pat yourself on the back for that. Thanks for joining the Hop.

    1. Thanks! The event was great--I had almost 300 middle schoolers who were excited about reading, so all the stress was worth it! Even if I did have to spend a little more time sitting at my desk getting things ready and the pup had to spend a little more time relaxing :)

  3. Our walking schedule has been off kilter this week too due to traveling. We got in a seven-mile hike this week so I don't feel too bad but I'm planning some extra exercise next week. Enjoy your break!

    1. 7 miles! Wow! We've never done that much at once before! We've had a few 7 and 8 mile days, but usually they're made up of 2 or 3 shorter walks! That's awesome!