Thursday, October 15, 2015

Dog Walking Week Recap

Leading up to Dog Walking Week, Barley and I hadn't missed a single day since July 5, so I was feeling pretty confident that we'd be able to get in 7 consecutive days of walking for another week. Of course, that was easier said that done. We got off to a strong start, but it didn't last for long.

Day 1
Thursday was my Birthday Eve and my friend and I were going to celebrate at a local brewery. She had planned to come over beforehand to walk with us (Barley loves being a substitute dog for my friends who don't have them), but then got caught up with work, so she texted that we should probably walk without her so it didn't get dark on us. We didn't quite get in a full 3 miles before it was time to meet for dinner, but we still had a nice fall walk to start off the week.

Day 2
I've already given a pretty lengthy recap of Day 2, but this was the best day. This was my "birthday party" at the Arboretum where Barley and I got to visit various scarecrows and other fun Halloween scenes.

Day 3
This was the day it all fell apart. Saturday was dreary, cold, and rainy. Barley didn't want to go outside to potty. I didn't want to go outside to walk. We did walk up to the dumpster at the end of our apartment parking lot twice--but I didn't even turn on my Garmin GPS watch to log the mileage because it was going to take longer to find the satellites than it would to walk up there and back. Technically, we got a .25-mile walk by going up there twice, but I just couldn't actually count that as a walk.

So we started over and got 7 consecutive days between Oct. 4-10.

Attempt #2: Days 4-10
These walks were much more successful. We got several walks at the lake where the leaves were starting to change. We tried some new trails through the woods--I found lots of pretty leaves and Barley found a severed chipmunk tail, so we were both happy.

Barley loves crunching through the leaves and enjoying the cooler weather, so we try to get in walks every day this time of year--even if we can't always get our full 3 miles per day. 

Even though Dog Walking Week didn't go exactly as planned, we loved the challenge to get in 7 consecutive days of walking. We try to do that every week, but it's always nice to have that little extra motivation to keep going, especially at this time of year when my students' midterm grades are due and the mountains of papers keep getting higher and higher--it can be really easy to neglect our walking goals, so thank you to the lovely hosts of this challenge, Wag 'N Woof Pets, Cascadian Nomads, and Dolly the Doxie. Be sure to stop by all of the other participants, too!

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  1. You did great! You did exactly what we hoped...even though you couldn't do the exact dates (though technically you did...LOL), you still got out and did 7 days in a row. You are probably one of the most consistent walkers I know anyway, but I agree that a little extra motivation never hurts. It looks like you had some beautiful walks!
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets