Saturday, September 17, 2016

Foster Pup Sal Tries Wellness Complete Health from

Foster Pup Sal has terrible teeth--he'll need several extractions and some major cleaning when he's strong enough for surgery--so we've entered the new territory of wet dog food. While the majority of his meals consist of dry food, he gets several spoonfuls of wet food to make it easier to eat and to encourage him to eat so he puts more meat on his bones. When our friends at asked us if we wanted to try Wellness Complete Health wet food, we jumped at the chance!

We chose the Poultry Lover's pack, which comes with three different flavors: chicken and sweet potato, duck and sweet potato, and turkey and sweet potato. Since you never know what Sal's forever family will want to feed him, I try to give him a rotation of different proteins for his wet food so he'll be ready for anything! 

The Wellness Complete Health wet food is a paté style--even though I've been feeding Soth this style of wet food for years, paté food always grosses me out a little bit. Sal didn't care, though, and it was actually even better for him because there weren't large chunks of things that he had to chew. He tends to make a big mess with wet food with chunks, leaving bits of it on the floor and I end up stepping on them in the dark with bare feet. We didn't have that issue with Wellness Complete Health. It's easy to mush up over his kibble so that he gets some softer bites with the crunchier stuff.

We started with the turkey and sweet potato formula. The cans are 12.5-oz and each pack comes with 18 cans (6 of each flavor). I was pleasantly surprised to see that you could still see some chunks of sweet potato in the formula--when I open a can of food, it's always nice to be able to identify what's in there, so seeing some of the individual ingredients made me happy.

Sal doesn't get excited about much--his interests are limited to playing with balls and eating--but he was really excited about trying Wellness Complete Health.

He was really excited to get a second afternoon snack this day.

So excited, in fact, that he forgot all of the manners we've been working on and dove into his bowl before I set it on the ground for him. 

Barley doesn't eat much wet food--mostly because I've finally got her regular food portions figured out to help her maintain a healthy weight and I'm too lazy (and hate math too much) to do the calculations to mess with that system--but she occasionally gets a fun seasonal flavor or some as a special treat.

Like when she's stuck inside watching her foster brother struggle with a photoshoot she could do in her sleep.

Barley was equally enthusiastic about trying Wellness Complete Health in turkey and sweet potato.

She apparently forgot her manners, too.

Wellness is a brand that we're familiar with from using some of their treats, but we'd never tried their actual dog food. After having a chance to examine each of the different flavors, this is definitely a brand I feel confident feeding to Barley and especially her foster brother Sal. 

Wellness is committed to providing holistic nutrition. They use fresh, healthy ingredients that give dogs many different health benefits. The first ingredient in each of the formulas is the protein and in the turkey and sweet potato formula, the first three ingredients were turkey, turkey broth, and turkey liver. That is the number one requirement I have for any food I feed the pets.

The next ingredient is ground barley (which is a little weird to feed Barley because, well, you know)--once I get past the idea of Barley eating barley, though, it's an ingredient that's extra important for dogs like Sal. Sal came to me emaciated, and as food gets reintroduced, all kinds of things can get out of whack if you're not careful. Barley (the grain, not the dog) helps regulate blood sugar. Now, we're starting to increase the amount of food while decreasing the number of meals, so instead of four tiny meals, he's getting one normal one, one afternoon snack, and two small meals later in the evening. It's too early to tell if the barley's making much difference for Sal, or if he's just getting used to his new feeding schedule, or if it's a little bit of both, but it's definitely something that can't hurt! I feel better knowing he's eating a food with ingredients that help keep all of his systems in check. The other ingredients are all packed full of vitamins, fiber, and other goodies that help with skin, coat, digestion, and overall wellbeing. 

Wellness Complete Health Poultry Lover's wet food has definitely earned a spot in Sal's wet food rotation. It's a brand I can trust and a food that he can't help but dive into. 

Disclaimer: We were provided with a Wellness Complete Health Poultry Lover's variety pack from in exchange for our honest review, but all opinions are my own and we only share information we think is relevant and valuable to our readers. and Wellness are not responsible for the content of this post. Always consult with your vet before starting your pet on a new diet.


  1. We currently feed Wellness Complete Health, both dry and wet, and the crew loves it. We don't feed the canned food daily either, they get it about every other day as a topper to their kibble. We've been really happy with this brand. It is great quality, but not as expensive as other quality foods.
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

    1. That's great! We've always loved their treats--their kittles cat treats are the only treats Soth will touch anymore!--so it was nice to know that their real food was just as appealing to the darlings. I always try to keep a few cans of wet food on hand for those times when Barley gets into something she shouldn't and needs something easier on her tummy for a few meals, so Wellness will definitely be added to the list of canned foods we'll eat again :)

  2. Sal looks great! Glad you found a good brand of food for him :) Love Chewy!

  3. I finally have my head above water with hubby's recovery so am catching up. We do not feed the dogs wet food either but pate style foods comes in handy if you have to feed pills to a dog who does not want them. Thunder has become picky about pills and when he needed an antibiotic (which was big and if I remember right 3 of them), I put them in the center of a big "meatball" of pate food-toss meatball to Thunder-presto pill down the hatch. :) Sal is just so darned cute. I do not know how he does not steal your heart.

    1. I'm glad that the recovery is going well enough to let you catch up! That's a great use of pate style food! I'll have to use that trick next time Barley or Sal need pills. Soth is too smart for that--I've tried hiding them in the food and he just eats the food from around the pill ;)