Friday, January 27, 2017

Saved by the Pet Treater Box

Somehow, Pet Treater always seems to know exactly when we need it to arrive. After a month at home with the girls, the new semester has started and I've gone back to work. This has been especially hard on Rye, who has only been part of the family for two months, and hadn't really had a chance to learn that sometimes I leave the house without her.

Is that the mail carrier?!

Pet Treater saved the day for my little puppy who was starting to go stir crazy (and her big sister who always enjoys getting mail).

This month's haul was just what we all needed! We got two different toys: a Unstuffies mouse and a Grriggles dragon. The mouse was the perfect fit for Rye. She likes to gnaw on toys and while she doesn't go crazy destuffing things, sometimes stuffing does come out and sometimes those things go down the hatch before I can get to her to throw the bits away. 

He doesn't look like this anymore.

One of the best parts of this mouse is that the squeakers were stitched in! That meant that even when Rye had opened up the mouse's belly, the squeakers weren't easy for her to get out.

We also got two bags of treats. Smart n' tasty Little Duckies, which are these cute little duck-shaped treats, and To Doggy with Love chicken meatballs. The meatballs weren't what I was expecting--they were dry, flat, circular treats, but the girls loved them and they broke easily into little pieces.

The duckies said they were good for training treats, but they're hard and crunchy and while they can be broken into smaller pieces, crunchy snacks always leave crumbs behind when you break them up. We did use them for a little training, but much to Barley and Rye's chagrin, they didn't get to eat all of the treats we used to do a little math homework.

Ducks and meatball bits are great for a math lesson.
There were a lot of treats in both packages, so we could do some "it's your choice" work and wear out both dogs mentally

We also got an undercoat rake, which looks great, but we have a couple similar grooming tools already, so we're donating it to the shelter--and as usual Pet Treater didn't forget about me! I got a bag of Pez Heads Bearz, which are gummy treats. I love gummies--I was a little wary of these because it said some where grape-flavored and I only do grapes in their original form or as wine, but these were tasty!

Pet Treater saved the day once again! We're continually impressed with the quantity, the quality, and the variety of the items in our box.

If you want to give Pet Treater a try, you can use the code FREE-PTBED with any 3, 6, or 12-month subscription to get a free bed with your first box. Or, you can use code PT-BONUSTOY until 2/17/17 with any new subscription to get a free bonus toy in your first box! 


  1. How awesome is it that they include a little something for the person!

    Nola would absolutely love that mouse thing. The no stuffing ones are her favorite.
    Rye is so little!

    1. I know! It's nice knowing there's something special for me in there since 95% of the mail that comes to the house is for the pets!

      Bar doesn't care about no-stuffing ones, but they are quickly becoming my favorite because they don't leave fluff all over the floor after Rye touches them! And Rye is tiny compared to Bar--she's 28-30 pounds and Bar fluctuates between 52-55.

  2. I love seeing the girls together, and Rye looks like her training is coming along very well!
    We skipped this month's box - I was feeling overwhelmed lately - but we're missing it already after seeing all these goodies! I love it when they stitch the squeakers in - that is a company thinking about the safety of dog toys.
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

    1. Some of Rye's training is coming along very nicely--other parts (like counter surfing--I thought she'd be short enough we didn't have to worry about that!!!!) are getting worse by the day.

      I think this was the first toy we've ever had with squeakers stitched in--or else those other toys have been spared by Rye and we just haven't had a chance to discover it yet. It was definitely a positive feature!

  3. There have been so many boxes that have come and gone the past couple years. We have reviewed a few of them, not this particular one, but we have seen it on another blog and think it is the best one yet. Enjoy.

    1. This one is definitely great! Barley is pretty picky about toys, so it's nice that there's always one thing in there that she loves and the treats are always big hits.

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