Friday, February 17, 2017

Mid-Month Update: Rachael Ray Nutrish Peak

Two weeks ago, Rye started trying the Rachael Ray Nutrish Peak food in the Open Range recipe as part of a 30-day Challenge. We were already big fans of Rachael Ray products, so we had high expectations for this new formula. 

After two weeks on Peak, I'm really pleased with how Rye is doing--and what's equally important, Rye is really pleased with the food! Rye likes food, but she's not as focused on it as Barley is. On her old puppy formula, she'd be happy to eat, but when I'd put food in her bowl and walk away to fill Barley's bowl, Rye would walk away from her bowl and follow us. But with Peak, even before I'd cut open the bag, Rye was sniffing around it and trying to find a way in. The first day I mixed it into her old food, she dove in as soon as I gave the ok and she kept eating even when Barley and I walked away. We've had to do more practice on waiting until I say she can eat over the last two weeks because she wants to dive in as soon as I set the bowl on the ground.

In addition to being a taste that Rye can't get enough of, it's also having good effects on the rest of her! The other day I was sprawled out in bed with a book when Rye came and sat down on my stomach, making it impossible to see my book and impossible not to notice her. As I was petting her, I noticed how shiny her coat was looking.

One of the things we've loved most about Rachael Ray foods in the past is how shiny and soft they've made Barley's coat, so I was happy to see Rye experiencing the same benefits. 

It's also the perfect size for some of our puzzle feeders. We don't do a lot of meals in puzzle feeders, but right now, with Barley's toe needing some rest, Rye's feeling a little neglected since she can't play with her sister. We've been doing dinner with puzzle feeders all week so that Rye can work her brain a bit and Barley can have some quiet time. The Peak kibbles are about the size of a Cocoa Puff, so they don't work in every feeder we haven't, but they're small enough to work in some of them and big enough that they make it more of a challenge than smaller pieces do.

Sometimes Rye gets so excited about the game that she misses the fact that a kibble has come out.
We'll be checking in again at the end of the month with our final thoughts on Peak, but halfway through our 30-day challenge, we couldn't be happier!


  1. I've been really happy with this food!

  2. I'm so glad Rye is doing well on this food! Keeping her interested in it and entertained sounds especially important right now, and her coat really does look beautiful!
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

  3. The pet food thing is a real jungle, so it's great if you found a good food. Bailie is the only one who is big on eating at our house. It is a breed thing...most of us just pick at our food and eat super slow.