Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Rachael Ray Nutrish Peak: First Look

Normally, I don't talk much about what food I feed the girls because that's such a personal and often controversial topic for so many people.

We're a kibble family. I have a hard enough time convincing myself to prepare meals for myself much less figure out proper nutrition to do raw feeding. Every now and then, we use wet food for a special treat or if someone needs something that's easier to digest, but the majority of the pups' meals are kibble. Kibble was also essential to introducing Barley and Rye since the bulk of that training involved hand-feeding them side by side, kibble by kibble for weeks.

When I chose a kibble, it was also important for me to have something that was easy to get locally. I chose a food before I'd ever heard of Chewy and all of their awesome options, and the nearest pet store is almost an hour away--and even though I know about Chewy now, as great as Chewy is with their fast shipping, living in a place where there's unpredictable lake effect snow that can delay deliveries or keep us snowed in for a while makes me want something that I can toss in the grocery cart if it looks like we're running a little low on food before a storm.

I did some research and Rachael Ray Nutrish Zero Grain was available at my local store and was higher quality than what I had been feeding Barley. The Nutrish website even points out that part of the company's mission is to make it possible for people to find "great-tasting food made with simple, wholesome ingredients where they shop for their family's groceries." That means that if we're running low between Chewy orders, we can still get our food easily! We've been using the Zero Grain forumla for years and have loved it.

So, when our friends at asked if we'd be interested in doing a 30-day trial of the new Rachael Ray Nutrish formula Peak, I thought it was a good opportunity to talk about a company we really love.

It's taken a long time to get Barley's portion size to a place where she doesn't gain weight, so Rye's our tester for our 30-day trial and if we end up loving it, I'll consider figuring out the math for Barley to make the switch.

Chewy sent us a bag of the Peak Open Range Recipe, which includes beef, venison, and lamb. Usually, we stick to turkey recipes, which Peak also has, because beef recipes tend to be higher calorie meals, but Rye burns calories like crazy, and this recipe isn't significantly higher in calories than our usual recipe.

The ingredients are very similar to the ones in our usual formula. Most importantly, meat is the first ingredient. This formula has beef first, so it meets my number one requirement for any food. There is chicken meal, lamb meal, and fish meal--but there are no by-products.

Nutrish formulas also have several ingredients that are included to provide skin and coat support--in this formula, those include lamb, chicken fat, and flaxseed; every year at Barley's annual vet check up, our vet raves about how great her coat and skin look, so I was happy to see that Peak included those ingredients as well.

I also like that the price is comparable to our regular formula. Feeding my dogs quality food is important to me, but it's also important that I don't break the bank, either.

Another thing that's important to me is that a company gives back to animals in need. A portion of every sale goes to animals in need through Rachael's Rescue. According to the Nutrish website, more than $17.5 million has been donated to help with caring for rescue animals.

For the first few days, we'll be mixing the Peak with the Zero Grain formula to make the transition a little easier on Rye, but check back in about two weeks to see how we're both liking the food!

Disclaimer: provided us with one bag of Rachael Ray Nutrish Peak in exchange for our honest opinion; however, we only share information we think is valuable or interesting to our readers. Always speak to your vet before beginning a new diet.


  1. Thanks for the great information! I think I know a pup or two who might enjoy this. :)

    1. I think they probably deserve a few treats while you're shopping for them, too ;)

  2. I'll have to check this out! Lachlan and Pike eat Rachael Ray probably every other bag of food, and do really well on it. I love that it's cost effective and easy to grab if I forget about placing aChewy order!

    1. Those are two of our favorite things about it, too! Rye seems to like these flavors even better than the other flavors we usually have--and the kibbles look exactly the same, so it has to be the taste that's making her even more excited about meal time.

  3. I've heard good things about this pet food company, but never really got a chance to look at it too closely. The ingredients sound great, and if a company has good values that's a bonus to me as well. Looking forward to hearing more about it!
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

    1. We've been using Nutrish food (and treats!) for years and have nothing but good things to say about it!