Wednesday, March 29, 2017

March PetTreater Box Reveal

Not long ago, I had a snow day and got to stay home and play with the girls all day. When I opened the front door to go on a walk with Barley, I was surprised to see our March Pet Treater box sitting on the front porch. 

Barley was not happy that I picked up the box, set it inside the door, and then continued on with our walk. She knows when a package is for her and she was pretty sure that she should be diving in immediately.

When we finally got home, I still made her wait to open the box. We've been a little slack on our self-control training lately, so the Pet Treater box was the perfect excuse to reinforce that. 

Holding still is a challenge for Rye.

As soon as the box was open, I knew that we were in for another great box! Inside were two toys, two packages of treats, a cookie, and two surprises for me.

The first package of treats were Dingo Market Cuts--the girls were very interested in these, but I'm pretty picky about what types of treats they get and these are chicken treats, which I avoid giving them, so they've been added to the pile of things I need to drop off at the shelter next time I take donations up there. 

We also got Exclusively Dog Mini Grahams. These are definitely meant to just be treats--there's nothing with nutritional value in these, but in small doses, I'm fine with letting the girls have them. These smell just like real graham crackers, which are one of my favorite snacks. 

Rye is not really repulsed by these--she just can't handle being that close to something and not eating it.

The toys were one of my favorite parts. I mentioned last month that foxes are one of my favorite animals and I was surprised to see another adorable (but different) fox--this time a Knight Pet stech-a-mals toy. He had a crinkly tail that Rye quickly eliminated and a stretchy body that made him fun for tug. My other favorite animal is an owl and there was one of those, too! Barley got the Bow Wow Pet Hoot, Tug 'n Squeak owl toy. He still looks as cute as he did on day one.

The first human object was still dog-related: a Nature's Miracle bag dispenser with flashlight. This is coming to my parents' house with us next time we visit. At home, we don't walk at night, but we often walk after dark with the entire family and it never fails that we have a walk where nobody remembered to bring their phone and we're hunting for poop in the dark. 

The non-dog item for humans was Ear Bags bandless ear warmers. These are super cute little sweaters for your ears. At first, I wasn't sure I was smart enough to figure out how to use them, but sort of like a snap bracelet, you flip the one direction, slide them over your ears and then flip them the other direction to keep them on. I was super excited about these because when my ears get cold I get bad ear aches--and I have trouble keep track of my hats and fleece bands, so having an extra option for keeping my ears warm is always a plus.

Ignore the post-walk dog hair.

I got to test them out later that week. I'd gotten my hair done and even though I had no plans to go anywhere or see anyone, I still wanted to enjoy having my hair actually styled and straightened since I rarely do that myself. It was cold and windy, though, and I knew if I put on a hat, I'd never get it looking decent again. So I put on the ear bags and we headed out! Despite the wind, they stayed in place and kept my ears nice and warm the whole walk and I took a brush to my hair when I got home and it was still nice and shiny and straight!

Barley had an easier time smiling in the wind than I did. 

Pet Treater gave us exactly the right things once again! If you want to give Pet Treater a try, you can use the code FREE-PTBED with any 3, 6, or 12-month subscription to get a free bed with your first box.

Disclaimer: We were given a Pet Treater box in exchange for our honest review. All opinions are our own. 


  1. Poor pups having to wait to get into their box! We are good about waiting as Mom usually takes the boxes in and puts them away for a while. We know they will come out again eventually. Enjoy your new loot!

    1. Your very patient! I think I'm just as excited to get into the boxes and see what we got as they are!

  2. I love seeing the different toys that you get from what we get! They do always seem to be the favorite part.
    But I think the ear warmers were the biggest hit with us humans! I forgot two things you mentioned. Similar to your ear aches, I'll get a headache if my ears get cold. And our hair doesn't get flattened out - bonus! :)
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

    1. I didn't realize how handy those ear warmers would be! They really were the best! I have to go see what else you got now!

  3. The ear warmers are very cute. I totally get about the hat messing up hair. Such a dilemma! LOL. I need those for training.

    1. I didn't even know something like that existed! I'd only seen ones with bands before, so these were a great surprise :)