Thursday, March 2, 2017

Smiling Sisters Learn to Share

When our January Pet Treater box came,  Barley and Rye had only been loose in the house together for a couple weeks and only under strict supervision, so they missed out on opening the box together. Our February box was their first opportunity to open the box together. Even though Rye had never got to participate in the opening before, she knew this was a moment to be excited about.

Rye doesn't mind playing dress up (although holding still to take a picture is a little more difficult), so I was excited to see a Free Slobbery Kisses bandana in the box.  

You're supposed to close your eyes to kiss, right?
There were also two toys in our box. My favorite was the Grriggles fox toy. Foxes are one of my favorite animals and I love the teal color of this fox. Obviously, this one went to Barley and not the tiny terror. The tiny terror got a new rope tug toy from the ASPCA collection. It's become our new toy to take to obedience class in case she needs something to get her focus back on me.

We also got a super cute book: How Smart is Your Dog? Test Your Pet's IQ. The book has all kinds of different games you can play with your dog and then you add up how many points they earn in each game and see how smart they are. The games are cute and some of them will be good for bad weather days when Rye is losing her mind, but I don't really put any stock in what they say about how smart either dog is. Some of the "smart" responses from the dogs are things that Barley has been trained not to do (and Rye's a work in progress)--for example, one of the games is to put your dog behind an obstacle--like a gate--and walk away; then you call your dog's name and watch the reaction, if the dog runs around looking for a way around the gate, they earn 5 points (the smartest) and if they stay still and wait they earn 2 points. Part of this game seems a little mean to me and Barley's also well trained at barriers (unless the dino dogs next door are out), so the fact that she'd stay and weight doesn't have anything to do with her intelligence. The pictures are cute, though, and there are some fun memory games that we'll definitely play. 

We also got a few different treats. The dogs were less happy about posing for these because they were high value snacks that they wanted to dig into right away. We got a bag of Dentley's Nature Chews lamb lung treats. The girls love lamb lungs. They're one of the only things that can get the girls to stay focused on me instead of the dino dogs next door, so we usually save them for those types of training situations, but the girls were very happy to get a couple just for sitting still for a minute. We got a 2-pack of Dakota Treats bully sticks. I usually don't ever give these to the girls, mostly because I'm disgusted by the words (and idea of my dogs eating) bull pizzle, but since they were already here in the house and Rye was leaping for joy when I took the package out of the box, I made an exception. 

One of our favorite elements of every box is the Emmy's Gourmet Canine Creations treat. This month it was shaped like a heart. I broke it into a few pieces so the girls could have a piece now and another later. 

Pet Treater never forgets about me and this month I got a pair of socks and a roller! I can never find my tall socks when I'm ready to pull on my boots for a walk, so having an extra pair is always a plus (although I'm not sure how I feel about the texture yet) and no matter how many times I roll my sweaters before work, I always have more fur on me when I get to my office, so this one is going straight to my desk drawer!

Every month, I think the box we get might be the best one yet and February was no different. Between adorable, colorful toys to break up grey winter days, treats the girls went nuts for, and a cute book, this box was a hit!

If you want to give Pet Treater a try, you can use the code FREE-PTBED with any 3, 6, or 12-month subscription to get a free bed with your first box. Or, you can get a free Pet 'n Place restraining system with the code PT-Place with a 3-, 6-, or 12-month subscription while supplies last or until March 23. 

Disclaimer: We were given a Pet Treater box in exchange for our honest review. All opinions are our own. 


  1. I like that they send something for the human too. I haven't really done subscription boxes because I am super picky not just about ingredients in the treats my dogs get, but also about the texture and size, which are things you can't pick out in a box. I almost never feed hard baked crunchy treats, for instance. And Ptera doesn't actually like bully sticks (I know, she is super weird).

    1. I totally understand the treat thing--Barley and Rye get hard crunchy treats for going into their crates (and sometimes a bedtime cookie), but that's it--we've had past subscription boxes where we developed quite a collection of cookies because it takes so long to go through a bag. Usually, we just get one big holiday themed crunchy cookie with Pet Treater and it can be broken up into smaller pieces. We've gotten some treats I don't let the girls have, but I just donate them to the shelter since they're good treats, just things I don't feed :) I totally support Ptera not liking bully sticks!

  2. Another fun box! I got so busy and behind after the holidays, we decided to take a couple months off from doing our reviews. I think Luke is demanding we get back on the program after seeing that bunch of goodies! :)
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

    1. I agree! That sweet Luke needs to get his goodies again! (And I know he'll be a good brother and share with Cricket.)

  3. LOL about the book. How many points does the dog get if he figures out how to open a gate? Looks like a great box.

    1. They didn't have any points assigned to that, but I think that probably means they'd earn extra credit!