Friday, April 28, 2017

Taking Matters into Her Own Paws with Pet Treater

For the first time, our Pet Treater box arrived on a day when we weren't in desperate need of some entertainment, so I put it in the front closet and decided to save it for another day.

I had almost forgotten about it, but Rye certainly hadn't. Yesterday, she had pushed herself between the sliding closet doors and was busy rustling around in there like a pig looking for truffles. As soon as I slid the doors open, I saw the brightly colored Pet Treater box with a little chunk taken out of its corner. It was clear Rye was not going to wait any longer to find out what was in our box.

Barley is happy her sister took matters into her own paws.
We were all excited to open the box the proper way and see what was inside--and we were not disappointed.

Barley's favorite part of the box is always the treats. Eventually she gets excited about the toys, but she can't even think about those until we've sampled at least one of the treats. She was happy to see that there were three different treats for her to enjoy.

One of our favorite parts each month is the Emmy's Treats Three Cheese Pleasers. These cookies are always cute, seasonal snacks and this month our treat was a bunny. Like all good dogs, they started with the bunny's ears before polishing off the rest.

The girls were also excited to try some treats we'd never had before: Pawmegranate Lamb Strips. I always feel a little weird about giving my herding dogs lamb snacks (it seems like it's one step away from cannibalism or something), but the girls love lamb snacks and these were filled with good ingredients like antioxidant-rich pomegranate and cranberries. Another plus to these treats is that they are nice long strips that are easy to break up into smaller snacks for training. In fact, I stuck a strip in my pocket when I sat down to write this so that I could encourage Rye to stay out of the closet while I wrote and she's been sitting on the back of the couch looking over my shoulder the whole time.

Our final pack of treats was a bag of BilJac PB-nanas. We've been buying these for years because they're little, but they also break into half really easily to double the number of treats you have. 

There were also two toys in the box. One was a Petlou Badger toy that grunts instead of squeaks and those types of toys always make me laugh. They just sound so ridiculous. Barley is going to get to keep this one for herself so that I can continue to laugh for a long time. My tiny terror claimed the Crinkle Soldiers Dog Toy right away. This is a dog with long camouflage legs that crinkle. Part of me feels a little weird letting her play with a soldier dog when I know that it's going to be destroyed in no time--maybe it's the fact that both of my grandfather's were veterans, so it seems a little disrespectful in a way--but it's licensed by the U.S. Army, so I guess if they're ok with it, I can be ok with it. And Rye loves this toy. It's long limbs make her look ridiculous when she's running around with it. He's lost part of an ear already, but so far all of his legs are still in tact. 

Pet Treater never forgets me, either. I might have squealed a little when I opened the box and saw the G! dog bookends. I've been looking for bookends to go on the top of my roll top desk in the library for months and haven't found any that I liked that were also affordable. These were perfect! And they are in the exact color scheme I have in my library.

I also got a box of desk notes with a cute little puppy on the front--and when I opened the package, there were more designs, including some with cats on them, so this was a big hit, too! I can never find paper when I need to jot down something quick, so I stuck this in the desk immediately. Now it's up to all of you to remind me that it's there when I can't find a piece of paper!

Pet Treater hit is out of the park again--and I'm so glad that Rye insisted we open the box because I really got spoiled this month! I think it's safe to say we're all pleased with our loot this month!

If you want to give Pet Treater a try, for a limited time you can use the code PT-BED to get a free bed (a $30-$40 value) added to your first box.

Disclaimer: We were given a Pet Treater box in exchange for our honest review. All opinions are our own. 


  1. How many months in a row now have we posted on the same day about our boxes? Too funny!
    Luke knows the box so well. When I was taking it out to the trash the other day, he was running beside me, thinking there was still something in it!
    I was definitely thrilled with the human treats this time too - I always have trouble finding bookends that I like.
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

    1. It is too funny! Rye kept messing around with our box until I took it out to the trash, too--but I can't tell if it's because she wanted to make sure it was empty or if she wanted to eat because she has a cardboard fascination ;)