Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Snacks Too Good to Share from Chewy.com

I knew it would happen one day. I knew that one day I would turn my back for a second and one of the dogs would eat all of our #ChewyInfluencer snacks before we had a chance to take any pictures for our review. The girls are always excited about the arrival of Chewy boxes--even when they don't contain anything but kitty litter--and they gnaw on the corners of the boxes until I either open the package or find someplace to hide it until I have time to put everything inside away, so it was bound to happen one day.

One day has arrived. 

I'd opened our box from Chewy.com and set our Caru Soft 'n Tasty treats and our Rachael Ray Nutrish Burger Bites on the top shelf of our living room bookshelf until we were ready to test them out for our review.  We'd never tried the Caru treats before, so those were up first. I figured we'd save the Burger Bites for a day I was grilling and take some cute pictures in front of the grill while the cover was still off, so I left the Burger Bites on the shelf--for days.

Something cute like this--but with the Burger Bites involved.

For days, Barley thought about those Burger Bites. I went down to the basement to change the laundry from the washer to the dryer and Barley came down the stairs with me. Then she wasn't beside me anymore. By the time I made it back upstairs, the Burger Bites were gone. How she got them down without disturbing the mountain of things I've set up there to keep them out of Rye's reach, I don't know, but my stealthy dog managed to grab the bag without knocking a single thing off the shelf.

Luckily, we love the Rachael Ray Nutrish Burger Bites, so we always have some on hand and we could still take some pictures for our review (just not pictures of a nice, pretty, unopened bag). 

There are a lot of reasons we love the Burger Bites. We've been eating Rachael Ray Nutrish food for years, so I know that this is a brand that I trust to use safe, quality ingredients and create a tasty snack for my girls.

The Burger Bites look just like little mini burgers. There are even little grill marks on them!

The treats also break up into lots of smaller pieces easily. They can be a bit crumbly, so I don't usually break them up before tossing them in my pocket because they break up on their own as we walk. I had no trouble getting each Burger Bite into at least 10 little pieces.

Expect little burger crumbs on your floor if you break them up.

With ingredients including beef and bison, these are high value treats for my girls. What I like best about them is that these are the only treats Rye would take when we went to new places in our early days together. When we first started going on adventures after obedience class, she would self-soothe with her nose to the ground and her tail never came out from between her legs. When I offered her treats, she would either ignore them or take them and spit them out--until I gave her Burger Bites. They were instrumental in getting her to refocus on me and helping her gain confidence on walks without Barley.

Thanks to Chewy.com and their wide selection of high quality treats and fast shipping, we never heave to worry about having a shortage of great snacks like Rachael Ray Nutrish Burger Bites.


  1. Oops!! I think everybody has eaten through a treat package before! My cat tries to do it, too! Great review! :D

    1. Barley has eaten through many a treat package, but usually they're already open and aren't completely full packages ;) She's such a stinker!

  2. Oh dear. Around here, cat bro Bert would be the one to break into a bag of treats. Mom always puts the box with the treats away as soon as it arrives for safety reasons. The beef and buffalo combo sounds real tasty!

    1. Unfortunately, I have yet to find a way to thwart my girls' treat-stealing behaviors. Rye can open the closet and the drawers to get to the treat storage. Barley can reach things that are put above my head. So far, Soth is the only one who hasn't been that naughty!

  3. Barley is either like an elephant that never forgets, or has an awesome nose that doesn't miss the smell of anything, no matter how high up!
    That reminds me of the time Luke stole a whole chicken breast out of a pan on the counter, and the pan was not disturbed at all. They're like ninjas sometimes!
    You got some great photos anyway!
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

    1. I'm pretty sure if I did a DNA test on Barley it would reveal she was part ninja!