Friday, August 4, 2017

Hunting Down Fun With Pet Treater

To say the last few days have been stressful would be an understatement. We've had a phone go swimming and a handful of non-life-threatening, but stress-inducing, vet appointments scheduled. Thankfully, Pet Treater always knows when we need them and shows up with a box of fun for everyone.

As always, the box was filled to the brim with a variety of different items for all of us.

While everything in the box was exciting, there were three especially big hits with the girls this month. First was some pretty cheese snacks with a carob icing from Three Dog Bakery. Barley was nosing around in the box while I was getting ready to take pictures and she went straight for these. She was especially happy that there were two pieces in the package so that she didn't have to share with Rye (and of course, being the big sister, she got the bigger stick).

Next Barley dove into the box to get to the Puppy Scoops ice cream. We got some of that in one of our earliest boxes, so she knew that little container when she saw it. Since we've had some cooler weather, we decided to hold off on mixing it up and freezing it until we get some warmer weather again.

The biggest hit of all, though, was a beaver toy from Animal Planet. This little guy had everything Rye loves: a squeaker in his head, a tennis ball body, and a crinkly tail. My little hound puppy couldn't wait to start playing with this guy.

The only problem is he didn't survive for very long. About 5 minutes after I turned her loose with him, the tennis ball was no more. 

When I got back from throwing out the tennis ball, I came across a shocking sight in the middle of the yard.

Rye didn't care that the toy didn't hold up to her style of play, though. In fact, now she has two toys to play with because she is still carrying around the crinkly tail and loves chasing after the severed head.

We also got several other goodies in the box a monkey toy, a set of collapsible pet bowls, a bath caddy with a cushion for kneeling on while bathing dogs, a bag of I'd Rather Be With My Dog treats, and Burt's Bees wipes for humans. The girls have always enjoyed I'd Rather Be With My Dog treats and we can never have too many training treats on hand. We didn't really need the pet bowls--we're on the go enough that we already have travel bowls we use regularly--and we have a dog shower in the basement, so I don't need to kneel on a pad, but the local shelter was happy to have those items to add to a basket for a future auction at one of their fundraisers. The Burt's Bees wipes are meant for post-workout refreshing during the middle of the day, and they'll be perfect in my desk drawer for those classes when I'm writing enough on the board to work up a sweat!

As always, Pet Treater made all of us happy! If you'd like to try Pet Treater for yourself, you can get $5 off your first box with the code PT-5OFF at checkout.

Disclaimer: We were provided with a Pet Treater box in exchange for our honest review.


  1. They always deliver such a great collection of goodies! I had to laugh at the beaver head. To this day, one of Cricket's favorite toys (well, actually two like Rye now) is the head and legs from a dog toy we got from Pet Treater! She doesn't do the destruction - that's Luke's job - but she loves all the body parts he leaves behind! :)
    Jan, Wag n Woof Pets

    1. I'm glad that Rye isn't the only one who prefers to play with body parts instead of the full toy!

  2. The beheaded toy was super cute! This box always is packed full of stuff! Nice assortment. Hope things settle down for you.

    1. Thank you! I think things are starting to settle down into a more normal rhythm now. We always love seeing what will be inside the box, too!

  3. Hahahaha, I laughed out loud at the poor beaver's head! Glad Rye had fun!

    1. After I recovered from my shock, I laughed, too!