Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Happy Halloween!

Halloween has come and gone in our neighborhood--our city does trick or treating the Saturday before Halloween, so today there won't be any kids knocking on our door requesting candy. We're perfectly okay with that, especially since Soth will hopefully be home and recovering from his surgery by the time kids would normally come.

The girls didn't want to miss out on Halloween fun and I'd ordered some fun new toys from BarkShop that were just the thing we needed.

Barley is the most patient dog in the world when it comes to me doing things to her. 

She was especially patient by the time we got to the picture above because we'd already done several pictures with the hat on--and then I realized that our cauldron was upside down and we had to start all over! 

Oops--the flames don't belong at the top of the cauldron!

Rye was not thrilled about the idea of wearing a hat, but she loves her special Halloween bandana from her grandma. 

I did manage to get one quick picture on another evening when she was worn out and Barley was passed out behind her. 

Rye much preferred to embrace her inner vampire. 

On trick-or-treat day, it rained all day, so our only chance for a walk was when the neighborhood was overrun with trick-or-treaters. Who knew our neighborhood was the one people drive to for trick-or-treating?! The girls handled the distractions well--until someone started shooting off fireworks and then I had to just hold on for dear life until we made it home. We did get one hysterical moment as we walked down the street. A little boy--probably kindergarten age--looked at us, stopped in the middle of the sidewalk, and said, "Wait. Are those real dogs or are those costumes?" Before I could say anything, his dad said, "They're costumes" and ushered him further down the sidewalk. I chuckled to myself the rest of the way down the street. 

The girls have also gotten plenty of fun fall treats this month, including these cute pumpkin cookies a friend brought for them! They smelled delicious and I was tempted to take a little nibble myself! (If you look closely at Rye's cookie, you can see where she took a little nibble before I could get a picture and scraped off part of the frosting!)

We hope all of our friends have a wonderful Halloween full of lots of treats and only fun tricks! Happy Halloween! 


  1. Barley, you look great in that fantastic hat! Happy Howl-o-ween. Good luck to Soth today. How nice to not have kids ringing the bell. We will hide out upstairs so no one thinks we are home as Mom isn't into answering the door 87 million times.

    1. I hope that your hideout was successful! I'm not a big fan of answering the door over and over again, either, so I totally understand!

  2. Best wishes on Soth's recovery, and you have the world's best posers!

    We use Halloween as Ding-Dong-Den practice. It helps that we live in a neighborhood with few kids, so the doorbell may ring five or six times this evening. I mix up super-special treats for the dogs, we practice the doorbell a few times during the afternoon, and then we have fun-fun-fun when trick-or-treaters come. (The dogs would have better door manners in general if Halloween came once a week through the whole year...)

    Chris from Boise

    1. Halloween is a great time to practice those manners! Barley isn't particularly fond of children, so I'm glad that we don't have to worry about that much!

  3. I swear when I'm doing photos I always screw something up (usually I miss a big ball of hair on the floor or something like that!). I think the dogs must roll their eyes at each other when we have to re-do something!
    I love the hat...hats are tough with both of these guys but if we can go quickly enough I can sometimes pull it off.
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

    1. The real win was when I got the hat on Soth after I'd already typed this up and scheduled it to post :)