Tuesday, February 27, 2018

A Wish for Fish

We've been a fan of The Honest Kitchen products for a long time. They use high quality ingredients that dogs love and their Wishes Filets are no different. We were excited to get a package of these from our friends at Chewy.com through the Chewy Influencer program.

These snacks are 100% dehydrated white fish and that's 100% obvious from the moment that you open the bag. Before I even got the bag all the way open, I was hit with the an overwhelming fishy smell. The dogs were, too, because they started schootching off their mat to get closer to me and the snacks.

The bag comes with strips of fish about two inches wide and twice as long. The bag says that these are "light, crispy and perfectly snapable so you can use tiny morsels for smaller mouths." They are breakable, but I couldn't say that they were easy to break up into smaller pieces. They required a little effort and it was hard to break them up into "tiny morsels"--I had to just take what I got for the most part and that was often long skinny pieces or strangely shaped chunks. Since I don't have smaller mouths to fill, that wasn't really a problem for us, except that it made our treat art a little more difficult to execute.

This was not quite what I envisioned our fish looking like.

My only real complaint about these is the smell. There's no way I'm sticking these stinky things in my pocket before going for a walk. These treats are incredibly high value, especially because they're so stinky, and Rye's working through some reactivity on leash, so high value treats are a necessity, but I would go through the rest of the day smelling like fish if I brought these with us on a walk. I have a hard enough time finding jeans that fit well that I am not going to have a dedicated pair of fish pants to wear just to take these on walks.

The girls think these are really yummy, though, so they will be good for indoor training. I'm thinking they'll be especially helpful at calling Rye back inside when she's on her self-appointed squirrel patrol in the yard.

Another bonus with these is that The Honest Kitchen notes on the packaging that they source the fish in a sustainable way to make sure that they help maintain a healthy ocean ecosystem. It's nice to know that we're feeding high quality ingredients without sacrificing the health of the environment.

My favorite part about these snacks, though, is the little details on the packaging--especially a hidden message on the bottom of the bag that made me chuckle.

When I saw it says, "Are you looking at our bottom?" I let out a little chuckle.

The girls think these are great snacks and they're appropriate for kitties, too. Soth wanted to try them out with his sisters, but because of his bladder issues, fish has been banned from his diet. If he could eat fish, though, I'd feel perfectly comfortable giving all three of the pets these snacks. Unless you can't handle strong fishy smells, these Wishes Filets are the perfect treats to make all of your pet's snack time wishes come true.

Disclaimer: We were provided one bag of The Honest Kitchen Wishes Filets from Chewy.com as part of the #ChewyInfluencer program in exchange for our honest review.


  1. I would love those as I am crazy about fish. The smellier, the better. Bailie doesn't care either way, and Madison does not like fish. Mom might get some just for me.

    1. We love fish, too! All of us love salmon, and we've found some salmon snacks that are only moderately stinky, so those are good for walking snacks! I hope that your mom gets some for you--they are big hits here!

  2. I wonder if confining them to a treat pouch would contain the odor away from clothing? It sounds like they would be extremely high-value for working on leash-reactivity outdoors if one could solve the Dedicated Fish Pants issue.

    Great packaging! Coffee-snort!

    Chris from Boise

    1. I'm sure a treat pouch would be the perfect solution! Unfortunately, I haven't been able to use one since I got Rye because she jumps up and sticks her face in the treat pouch while we walk--so I think we'll just have to stick with these being house treats :)

  3. We've had these and the crew loved them. Now they're asking me why we haven't had any lately! I used to think love of fish was a cat thing, but I'm pretty sure the dogs love fish even more than Sam does!
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

  4. Our pups went absolutely crazy for their sample!

    Monty, Harlow, and Ramble