Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Falling for Pumpkin Pour Overs

Since Rye has been battling pancreatitis for the last month or so, we've had to get a lot more selective about the food and snacks that come into the house. Thankfully, our friends at Chewy.com have lots of options to keep Rye from getting bored with her new low-fat diet. This month, we got the chance to try the new Pumpkin Pour Overs from The Honest Kitchen.

The hardest part of reviewing these pour overs was choosing which flavor to try! There are three different categories of pour overs: pumpkin, bone broth and superfood and each of those categories has different flavors like turkey, salmon, chicken, and beef. We chose the Turkey and Pumpkin Stew variety because that seemed like the perfect fall flavor.

I wasn't really sure what to expect from the pour overs before the arrived, but they arrived in a case of 12 5.5-oz boxes of stew. Usually, the packing of Honest Kitchen products has thorough instructions and detailed descriptions, but I was surprised to find that these packages were lacking some information. As usual, they listed all of the great ingredients from turkey and pumpkin to apples and butternut squash, but there weren't really clear instructions on how much to feed your dog. The feeding suggestions say that the box is about 2 servings depending on the size of your dog, but they don't give details about how many servings a dog should have a day or what size dog they had in mind for the serving size. 

The packaging suggests pouring the pour overs over the dog's food. We've used that method several times. There are still a few days when Rye doesn't want to eat and some days she'll wait until I come home at lunch before she shows any interest in eating her breakfast, but most days, if I pour a little of the pour overs on her breakfast, she'll eat it.

The dogs' favorite method, though, is freezing the pour overs so they can have them as a snack while I grade. 

The stew is pretty thin--much runnier than canned pumpkin--so it lives up to its name and is easy to pour over or into anything! There are also some chunks of turkey and apples that are easily visible in the stew, which is one of my favorite parts of any Honest Kitchen product--you always know what your dog is eating.

Because the stew is so thin, though, it's not perfect for all of our snacking needs. Sometimes I like to give the girls a stuffed snack and when they saw that I was pouring some of the pumpkin pour overs into their tuxes to put the in the freezer, they immediately wanted to have some right then and there, so I poured a bit into another one of their feeder toys.

Rye was so excited to get her pumpkin pour over snack that she couldn't even wait for me to hand it to her. She stole it while I was putting the leftovers in the fridge!

In the process, she splashed pour overs all over the kitchen floor and the living room carpet. Thankfully, Rye, Barley, and Soth were happy to help with the clean up and there's no evidence of the mess on the carpet. If you still live in a world where you can have nice things, I wouldn't recommend serving this in a way other than in a bowl or frozen. Thankfully, we departed the planet of nice things years ago, so we were able to laugh about this and decide to try other methods in the future. 

Rye likes the frozen method just as much as the room temperature version.

A lot of Honest Kitchen products say that they're for cats and dogs, but this one just lists dogs on the packaging. That didn't stop Soth from giving it a shot, though, and he loved it. I have never been able to get Soth to eat pumpkin before--and when he was having digestive issues, we tried many times. As soon as I opened the package, Soth was sitting right by the girls begging for a bite. Since the ingredients didn't seem to have anything that a cat couldn't have, I've let him have about a teaspoon or so of the stew every time I've prepared snacks for the girls.

All three pets love this! If I have any complaints, it's that the packaging is a little hard for me to open. You have to lift the side flaps and then tear off the perforated tab to open the package and I've struggled with tearing that piece off every time. Once it's open, though, it's really easy to close the box securely and store it. The leftovers can be refrigerated for up to three days. My pets aren't letting any of it sit around that long, though. The packages are recyclable and even after they've been completely rinsed, Rye is still trying to pull them out of the recycling bin. 

These pour overs have been great fall snacks that all three of my loves, even the pickiest of them, can't get enough of. Once again, the Honest Kitchen has given us a great product that I feel good about feeding my pets and the pets feel very good about gobbling up. 

Disclaimer: We were given one case of Honest Kitchen Pumpkin Pour Overs in exchange for our honest review as part of the #ChewyInfluencer program. 


  1. We considered these, but it wasn't the right choice for us.

    1. I'm really glad we went with these because they've really convinced Rye to eat breakfast on several occasions. We usually don't have this kind of thing on hand, but we might need to start keeping it in the pantry around here!

  2. I'm so glad you found something that your whole gang can enjoy, especially Rye with her health issues! We love The Honest Kitchen products, and I always have their bone broths or pumpkin lattes on hand. I love that I can add those to both Luke's and Sam's meals!
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

    1. That's the crazy part--we've used so many of their products, including pumpkin spice lattes and the regular goat's milk probiotics, and Soth has turned up his nose at every single one! I was shocked that he showed any interest in this. I think I love this most, though, because when it's frozen, it takes Rye a full 20 minutes to eat and anything that keeps Rye busy for 20 whole minutes is a godsend!