Thursday, November 29, 2018

Nostalgic Snacks from

Even though it's been cold and we've already had our first snow of the season, we haven't been quite ready to let go of fall yet. helped us hold on a bit longer with some Grandma Lucy's Organic Pumpkin Oven Baked Dog Treats.

The first thing I noticed is that I didn't love the packaging. I've mentioned in other reviews that I like packaging where I can see the treats before I open the bag. There are a couple pictures of the treats on the packaging--if you look by the word organic, there's a little bear beside it--but since we'd never had these treats before, at first it wasn't clear why that bear was there. 

Once I opened the bag, though, the treats looked almost identical to Teddy Grahams cookies which were some of my favorite snacks growing up (and if I'm honest, I can't turn down a good Teddy Graham now!), so they made me happy to look at them. It felt like I was getting to share one of my favorite snacks with the girls--and made me want to run out to the store to get some little bear treats for myself! 

One thing I was a little surprised by was that pumpkin was the fifth ingredient on the list of ingredients. I assumed it would be a little bit higher up on the list, but there were ingredients like flour, cane sugar, palm oil, and cane sugar syrup before pumpkin showed up. This list was a little different than the ingredients on the packaging in the picture on, which had pumpkin as the seventh ingredient. (I'm not sure if they changed recipes or not, but there were definitely some differences between the packaging we received and the packaging in the images on the website.) I was also surprised by the fat content, which was 16%. After Rye's pancreatitis episode a couple months ago, we've been trying to keep everything below 10% fat content. Usually, it's high value meaty treats with ingredients like duck that are higher than we'd like, so I was surprised that a treat with no meat in it would have 16% fat content.

The packaging also states that the treats are kosher and vegetarian, which aren't really things I look for in teats, but if that's important for your pets, these treats meet those requirements.

Regardless of what the ingredients were, Barley was ready to try them immediately.

Both girls really liked these treats. Barley especially likes them because I'm really limiting how many Rye gets because of the fat, which means Barley got to have a few extras while we took pictures. 

What I like best about these treats is that there are a ton of them inside the package. We use cookie treats for crate treats when I put the girls in their crates before I leave. There are some days when I come home between classes, so the girls get crate treats twice on those days, and usually they get two treats every time they go in. This package has lasted us all month and we still have plenty left. They're also easy to break up, which is what I usually do for Rye so she still thinks she's getting two treats but she's getting less fat. 

The treats are a big hit with the dogs, but because of the fat content, they probably won't become a regular part of our treat rotation. We'll definitely be looking into some of the other Grandma Lucy's flavors, though, in case there are other varieties that have less fat in them. 

Disclaimer: We were given a package of Grandma Lucy's Organic Pumpkin Oven Baked Treats in exchange for our honest review as part of the #ChewyInfluencer program from


  1. Two kinds of sugar high up in the list for a dog treat seems a little much. But, as an occasional treat, it probably is fine despite that and the high fat content.

  2. I've been told Emma tried these before I was born, and she really liked them. They were small and like teddy grahams. Glad both your pups liked them.

  3. We've had these in the past, and we are fans of Grandma Lucy's. I do wonder about the ingredients list though. Sugar is something I never use in my own homemade dog treats (other than from natural things like molasses or honey), and it seems unnecessary. But I do suppose, like with people, in moderation it's probably OK.
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets