Saturday, December 22, 2018

Three Cheers for the Tri-Flyer

Last month, our friends at gave us a chance to try out a no-squeak tug toy that we were hoping would be a good reward at agility trials. Rye loved the toy, but was too nervous to play with it at trials and I didn't love that she kept going for the little handle that I was holding. This month, we had a chance to try another no-squeak toy with the All Kind Tug & Fetch No Squeak Tri-Flyer.

I chose this style of toy because all of the sides are identical and I thought it might save my fingers from those excited Rye teeth during intense games of tug.  

For the most part, Rye was content to tug on one of the other two sides instead of going for the one I was holding, but there were a few times when she still got me. I think because the middle of the toy is skinnier than the ends, we were both trying to get a better grip. 

Rye loves this toy! The surface is a rubbery material that's easy to hold onto (for dogs and humans who are battling slobbery surfaces!). The material is also nice and soft and the sides are all thin enough that it's easy to get her mouth around.

It's also perfect to tossing and fetching. It's soft enough that I can toss it in the house without worrying about hurting anything. With the rubbery body, it looks heavy and sturdy, but it's surprisingly lightweight.

The shape also makes it easy for Rye to hold onto while chewing on it. As usual, when she started gnawing on the edges, that was my cue to take the toy away and start another game of tug or fetch before she had a chance to destroy it. It stood up well to a little light chewing, but the description on Chewy says it's not for heavy chewers, so I don't think it would stand up to Rye's jaws of steel for long.

Right now, I think Rye will probably be too nervous for this to be a good reward at agility trials, either, but it's going to be perfect for playing in the yard in the snow! With the bright colors, it's going to stand out easily. We haven't had any snow since it arrived, so we haven't had a chance to test that element out, but it's going to be the first toy we grab on our next snow day.

We'll also continue to take the tri-flyer and last month's toy with us to agility trials--just in case. It's exactly the right toy to use for a reward at a trial--I'm just not sure that Rye is exactly the right dog to use a toy reward with!

Disclaimer: We were given one All Kind Tug & Fetch No Squeak Tri-Flyer toy from as part of the #ChewyInfluencer program in exchange for our honest review.


  1. Sounds like a good sturdy toy. We don't play with toys like that at all, so it wouldn't be for us. Enjoy!

    1. Barley doesn't play with toys like this at all, either. Rye prefers chasing to tugging, but she's starting to get the hang of tugging. I don't know if she'll ever play with me at a trial, but she did play some fetch in class this week, so maybe!

  2. I think Luke's and Rye's style of playing with toys is similar! Eventually he tries to take everything off to the side to destroy it, and I have to take it away.
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

    1. If those two were under the same roof, no toy would be safe!

  3. We just love the new toy that Rye got from Chewy. We been searching for something new for our little ones at home. It's mostly just a tennis ball that they love to fetch with, but we are going to have to give this one a shot. Thanks for sharing the lovely photos of Rye having so much fun. Have a wonderful weekend.
    World of Animals