Thursday, February 28, 2019

February is Dental Health Month, so it seems like at this time of year, we're always trying out new dental chews trying to find one that will last the dogs more than 30 seconds. Every time I thought we'd found one, there would be something that made it less desirable. Some of them, the girls figured out how to wolf down more quickly. Others, Barley started throwing up small pieces the day after eating them. This month, we had the opportunity to try out the Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diet Chewz Dog Treats from our friends at

These treats are recognized by the Veterinary Oral Health Council as a way to "effectively and significantly reduce tartar in dogs." But the feeding instructions recommend feeding your dog two of these chews each days in order to reduce tartar. There were only 6 chews in the box, so with two dogs, we'd need multiple boxes each week just to get each dog two chews each day--and I'm not really comfortable letting the dogs have that many chews per day anyway. On the plus side, there was an even number of chews, which is important when you have two dogs! Some chews come in a 3-count package and then I have to buy two packages so there isn't an odd chew left over. Unfortunately, though, these chews are based by weight and not a specific number of chews, so there's no guarantee that each package will have an even number.

The girls were really excited about these chews. It took a lot of bribing to get them to pose for a picture instead of just diving into the box or stealing the chews before I snapped a picture. 

Even though the girls were excited about them, I wasn't as impressed. Besides the small number of chews in the box, the sizes were inconsistent. That makes it harder since the girls won't finish around the same time if one has a smaller treat and then I have to referee to make sure that nobody tries to steal a treat. 

Barley seemed to have a hard time with these treats. While it did take her almost an hour to finish the chew, she seemed to have a hard time getting a good grip on it. Earlier this month, Barley had one of her pre-molar's removed, so now she's missing a big tooth on both sides. That seemed to make it harder for her to chew on something so wide. 

She kept working at it and eventually finished the chew, but I felt like I had to watch her pretty carefully because sometimes she'd get the entire thing into her mouth and I was afraid she'd start to choke.

Rye retreated to another room with her chew. She was certain that I'd try to take it away from her if I caught her, so any time I tried to take a picture, she ran. From the little bit was able to observe her with the chew, it seemed like she had an easier time than Barley did. A few minutes after getting the chew, she had devoured one of the corners. 

The chews didn't seem messy--other than the big slobber puddle Rye left behind on the bed--and they didn't seem to make Barley's gums bleed, which has been a common problem with other chews. We've used Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diet products in the past--Soth was on their urinary health prescription diet for years and we've used their probiotics, too, so we trust the brand. I don't think we'll be using these chews again, though. They just seemed too difficult for Barley to handle. She wouldn't take kindly to Rye getting a chew while she didn't get one and the size and shape of these makes me too nervous to let Rye have one unsupervised while I took Barley out for a solo walk. 

Disclaimer: We were given one box of Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diet Chewz Dental Treats in exchange for our honest review as part of the #ChewyInfluencer program.


  1. We weren't too excited when we saw them as an option, so we didn't order them. It seems on anything, food, treats, or chews, the companies always recommend too much of the product. If dogs have a proper dental routine, an occasional chew is just something extra for their teeth. We would never get two of those a day. Maybe one a week around here. At least you tried them out.

  2. Our beagle Kobi got snarly when he had a long lasting chew and with multiple dogs they had to be separated. I got out of the habit of using any dental chews. I prefer to just give Luke a carrot stick and some good crunchy treats instead.
    What a great honest review!
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

  3. Too bad they weren’t the perfect chew! Gladys just eats greenies, but she hopes her cousins find other good options to recommend:)